City Travel

Who want to orient quickly in the Alpine Republic, is looking for a specific destination or a compact card for one of the 30 most important Swiss cities: the website provides comfortable, infinitely zoomable city maps for the whole of Switzerland, calculates routes and helps in the search for the right accommodation, sports, cultural and recreational activities. Sleeping in the hut with the peasants in straw, in the apartment or in the luxury hotel with Gault-Millau restaurant: the holiday country Switzerland offers quality for every budget and every taste. The stroll in the flair of the culturally different Swiss cities to plunge. Find while hiking to new forces and inner balance. Experience the spectacular scenery of the Alpine peaks and the unspoilt nature.

Athletic break up to new horizons, paragliding, biking or golfing, from winter sports, not to mention who was once here, afterwards not more so quickly is satisfied with less. For first expeditions in the diversity of the cantons, cities and Landscapes the Internet portal offered excellent. The home welcomes visitors with a map of Switzerland and eight useful and informative headings to turn. Click the input mask allows quickly find of a specific location using the address search easy address data type, click Search\”and the desired address is displayed in the map. You can now continuously reduce the displayed map section or zoom in and move the view in all directions is also still change as the classic town plan, realistic satellite image or mixture of both.

The route planner works similarly: here detailed directions and the markers for the start, destination and route in the map will appear. A click on start or destination marker opens a map window with a detailed map of the immediate surroundings. \”What the Internet plan of the printed version and also the Navi\” is different, is the possibility of using the results \”\” to continue working: A search window to the selected map section is waiting for input from restaurant \”, hotel\” or everything else the holidaymaker’s heart.