In a matter of resistances and realities: Freedom and independence, dependency and slavery the whole Humanity between chains moans Freedom and independence words very sounded now in our country, in reason to remember a series of historical facts that as it is known well they caused the apparent one and ostentatious independence. Independence? I ndependencia shouts the American world bathes in blood of heroes This word that applied to a state is not only an historical denomination, is an understanding deep, it completes, and of absolute philosophical form That so similar they can get to be so different terms that easily they are confused as they are it: Dependency independence Is this case that it occupies to the constitutional state of Colombian right, in an absorbent globalisation and a Capitalism exaggerated and modern, no state, town or individual it is independent Today we boasted ourselves saying that we are independent that we belong to sovereign state. In the facts, not in the paper calls countries developed they are employees of the world, the market in the aspects cultural, economic politicians Freedom Ceso the horrible night the freedom sublimates more Being this one more complete definition, deeper named the freedom also is absolute, it is one of the few little relative terms, this concept is the same of over there in the 1880 and so many when it was the delight of the wild one and the hope of a Creole town not to be part of the tyrant Spanish crown. Lamentably the great part of the events of our nation they are and always they were bound by the greed, the personal interest, egoistic desires of a few with the sufficient power. The image of the stupid mother country, as prophet than happens, than it happened As a few are fought by the state looking for that freedom that personal manumisin that never will be in the money; Like slowly distinguished Colombian of necktie; of tradition they make more employee to a state for 200 years an elitist hegemony bureaucrat with his actions it leaves in the inhospitable forgetfulness I sacrifice of immolated heroes, and now not to be bad arm a silly thing, pomposo, resounding bulloso and, that touches the patriotic feelings of the Colombians. All we have anxieties of freedom of justice independence, but that does not fill anybody to it, That fills the collective actions to it indicated explicitly, not labeled with vain interests like the power and the profit.