How To Earn Money For Clicks

I explain as: you click on the link (link) of the ad and automatically opens a new tab with the web page of the advertiser for a few seconds (a seconds counter notifies us when closing it). You can earn money for that, you get until $0.01 for every ad you see, depending on the company or web site to which you are joining. Now comes the best: referrals: referrals are simply people who you can invite, a user that you recommended, directly or indirectly, the site or company in question, and he entered by recommendation yours. You can invite all your friends, family and acquaintances, or all your contacts from your email list! and earn money for clicks from them! that will be your referrals! depends on the company will earn a percentage (almost always is 50%) of what your referrals earn. It’s easy, with just 8 or 10 minutes a day, you can earn money by only making clicks, which I say 10 minutes, less because while you watch an ad, you can be in reality, checking your email, your hi5, facebook, watching videos on youtube, in the end you will be doing tolo what you like to do and in another tab * seeing ads. Note: To add a new tab in Mozilla Firefox just precionas the combination: Ctrl + T or give right Click on a link and select open in new tab and there this you can open as many pages you want at the same time! It’s that simple! Look the best sites that pay you for clicking here: original author and source of the article