In Portugal

According to legend, lived in the south coast of Italy. Possuam to the principle, corpode a bird with bust and face of woman, but with the time had changed suaaparncia. The half bird of its body was substituted by the tail of umpeixe.In the antiquity, seumito leagued the cult to it of deceased. This also moved and only they register it asesttuas of sereias in the tombs. In Portugal, of where in the lode the myth, hduas assignments for this mythical personage: in the coast of the continent, Sereia.E, in archipelago of the Aores, Sea Witch. In chapter XV, intitled the Big hole, the folclrico value of guae its universalizante symbology is directly on to the chapter D&#039 Mother; water.

Alice is arrebatada pelotorvelinho of water, and Mrio ' ' I descend I put in an upright position to the deep one of abismo' ' , fight imperious to remove it. Them they guassimbolizam the universal addition of the potentialities. Its symbolism implies amorte in such a way as the renaissance: ' ' The contact with guacomporta always a regeneration: on the other hand, because the dissolution is followed deum ' ' new nascimento' ' ; on the other hand, because the immersion fertiliza and multiplies opotencial of vida' ' (ELIADE, 1991, p.110). We are, at this moment, arrebatados for a photographic speech at the same time, imagtica pelabeleza; action e, for the veracity of the attitudes. Let us see the belssimapassagem: ' ' The estorcia boy inside d' water.

Its body to pareciaromper itself, as the back of serpe when if dilata to estringir the canine tooth. Aluta was indecisa. To times arrebatandoa was given credit that Mrio went to win, victim to the big hole; other times the boy lost the acquired advantage still more esubmergia. As this chain was sublime human being who if estendiadesde the border of the rochedo until the deepenings of the lake, with an imprisoned tip to the life, eoutra already welded to the death! These hearts that if made links of a chain, grilhados for herosmo, this livened up anchor, sustendo an existence you give to anaufragar, had to full of admiration and pride criatura' '.