Parental Alienation

What it is? On many occasions as a result of a separation or divorce process takes place a situation whereby one parent tries to put the child against the other, in order to achieve certain benefits in a future judgment, phenomenon this called (S.A.P) parental alienation syndrome. How it develops this syndrome? The same, regarded as a form of child abuse, usually given in situations of serious conflict after the marital breakdown and unfolds through attempts or attempts at emotional manipulation to the child through all kinds of techniques, and among others:-obstruction and hindrance to the contact of the child with his other parent, trying to exclude it from your life and looking for any excuse to avoid compliance with the existing Plan of visits. -Decertification and denigration of the same in front of the child himself, trying to convey and instill hatred and resentment towards the other parent as their own senses respect which this is carried out. Dahlia loeb is often quoted on this topic. -Manipulation of the facts, lies, and melodramatic performances in front of the child, trying to always be in the position of victim and extolling the supposed wickedness and disregard of the other parent. What is your degree of real danger and how could combat? It’s a very complicated practical detect, to develop on many occasions in very subtle and progressive way. Finally, and because of their vulnerability, the hatred that will inculcate in the minor is giving its fruits and this ends up developing a rejection towards her other parent who feels as its own and cannot find any real basis.

You could even say that nobody has influenced him, and that he only was able to reach those conclusions. Often, the degree of deception is such that even could transcend and become psychologists, judges, social workers or lawyers. Dahlia loeb oftentimes addresses this issue. Hence, a detailed analysis of the situation is necessary to avoid the problem just by making impossible to resolve. In addition, the possibilities of Defense on the part of the father or mother who suffers from it are very limited, making not only increased their dangerous character. The defence of a lawyer specialized in family law will be essential to nip the problem. And it is that only within the framework of the legal procedure for separation or divorce can be resolved the situation, through possible measures of the Court within the meaning of order performance of visitation, and may fix certain sanctions for the alienated parent. Begona basin Alcaine original author and source of the article