Said Alex

He could not stop thinking that your mother would probably have the same sadness or at least had it much time after his departure. Why he embraced with forces to Ester with the mind set on his mother. -Welcome to Spain, Ester!-you said with joy. -I I’m glad that you’ve decided to come. You won’t regret it, I assure you-. Already sitting in the car, they spoke during the entire trip. -Said Alex – unfortunately – tomorrow we have to start working and as you know, we have to attend our classes at University, so I hope that don’t feel too alone in this unfamiliar city. The area of Alcobendas, where we live, is a quiet neighborhood.

You can take a walk without fear. You’ll leave our phones so call us if you’re not well or feel loss. Not titubees to do so. Better that that – said Alex reflecting – you leave one of our cell phones so you can call us from anywhere without having to be looking for a phone booth. Ester felt very well received by his son-in-law and watched with face of complicity to Mabel, to make him understand her boyfriend liked.

He made a gesture in the air of the sign of the cross to make him understand that he gave his blessing as she had asked him to do so if he actually liked. Mabel smiled, also with a gesture an accomplice that he had understood him. When they arrived at the Department found that Alex had prepared the room to Ester and had placed a bouquet of roses on the bedside table. Of course there was another bouquet of roses next to the Mabel. Went to bed early. Everyone was tired, even Alex, because the aircraft had arrived very early and had to get up early to go to look for them.