Small Business Opportunities

There has been a flood of publicity generated regarding the “Small Business Opportunity” being offered to would be Internet entrepreneurs. The plan is for you to buy a franchise operation to sell products on consignment via eBay. Selling on consignment means you take a client’s product in your business, and pay the client the balance of the proceeds from the sale if the item sells. The parent company guides you through the process of creating a type of brick and mortar store located in a mall or similar place, and shows how to attract customers using traditional advertising methods by which to sell their items on eBay. Your income is generated after all fees are subtracted from the franchiser and eBay, along with expenses related to business standard listed below. All these elements are considered overhead or operating costs of business: 1. Rental / Leasing 2. Changeability of items

Bonded Insurance 4. Utilities 5. Employees 6. Insurance Trust 7. Fiduciary responsibility in August. Advertisement To start an eBay company sent using this method, you first setup charge a fee ranging from $ 5,000 to $ 15,000 depending on the franchise you choose. There are also a number of fees to be paid to the franchisor on each sale. You have to do the calculations for this type of operation, after paying the franchise and setup fees to see if it is viable. Setting up an eBay auction shipping Remove the right way to rent or lease and work outside the home.