Solo Show, Performance With Orchestra, Exhibition & Documentary Film

Daniel Johnston, according to Kurt Cobain ‘greatest singer/songwriters of the world’, three special concerts with the BEAM Orchestra (thk) one and a half years gives his frenetically celebrated tour of Germany Daniel Johnston will return in April for three very special, multiple guest appearances. So is the stubborn idealist”(taz) his fragile, sometimes naive and melancholy songs about disappointments and pathetischstes luck solo present in a strangely high and dominated by a lispy keynote voice” (DiePresse), accompanied by rhythmic unstable piano or guitar”(daily mirror). “Another agenda: the BEAM Orchestra, with which he’s current album beam me up!” (Hazelwood/Indigo, Vo: 26.3.) recorded live who accompanied the heavyweight. The elfkopfige ensemble from the Netherlands presented compositions from the pen of the obese Beatles admirer in the instrumental version here (including violinist, cellist, two saxophonists). In addition, an exhibition of Johnston’s is “Images to see and depending on the possibility of screening the documentary the devil and David Johnston is” shown. In any case the concerts of the bipolar American should, not only in the indie scene on a par with geniuses like Brian Wilson (beach boys) and Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd) is made again consecration hour”(the standard). “To describe her enthusiastic critics and fans seek words how intense, beautiful, heartbreaking, poignant” (taz).

Cards without a doubt extraordinary performances of polarizing gesamtkunstwerk”(MoPo) Johnston is a poet, musician and painter in a person cost 24 to 29 euros (plus fees). They are available at the ticket offices. Tom Waits, Beck and Sonic Youth worship him, recorded their own versions of his songs (“CD: the late great Daniel Johnston”, Gammon records, distribution: rough trade). Colleagues and critics see in Daniel Johnston (* 22.1 1961) an exceptional artist, who is on a par with Blues legend Robert Johnson or country music legend of Hank Williams. Even Kurt Cobain pleaded shuttling between genius and madness of the Lo-Fi God the father to,”. 1992 Nirvana cult star of the MTV wearing a T-Shirt with music awards by DJ’ designed comic motif a stielaugigen frog. What Daniel Johnston makes, his brilliantly rooted, very personal songs of full of poignant honesty and clarity, where childlike innocence and enthusiasm make the tunes talent of a Buddy Holly or the Beatles are”(Mark Linkous / Sparklehorse). That is, as Jason Pierce (Spiritualized) said, music in the spectrum of greenness to darkness! ” Representative for the many cheering Arias about performances and music of Daniel Johnston the last two sentences from his 2008 concert in Berlin’s Tagesspiegel criticism are: minute-long standing ovation for the saddest of all songwriters. Without his songs the world would be poorer!” DANIEL JOHNS tone & the BEAM Orchestra “Beam Me Up, Daniel!”Tour 2010 05: 04 Berlin. Astra Kulturhaus 06.