State Borders

It represents the space of the connections between the agricultural cities, areas, etc. compose that it, being the weight of excellent the activities seated and developed there in its establishment as it scales geographic and of analysis. The regional scale possesss extreme space plasticity, due to complexity of factors and socioeconmicas conditions define that it. The regions are, many times, loaded of distinct temporalities, several of which exert agglutinant function under the partner-cultural point of view. The nation as scales geographic represents a construction politics, the place of the power of the State.

Its borders well are defined and its connections extremely intense and varied, as much as it scales of the regional borders as with the too much scales. It is the scale of the capitalist system par excellence, what in other historical times it did not occur, vide City-State Greeks. Currently, with the advance of the forces of the world-wide market the national state is a vulnerable scale from the necessity of markets ' ' without fronteiras' '. However it is in this scale that if of the o have controlled of other scales as the urban one, the region, the community and the proper body. For this they are gifts. In this scale it has been observed, however a possibility of burst strength of the borders of the national state, phenomenon of extreme wealth, considering itself the unfoldings social politicians and who this movement can try.

The circulation of the capital has taken the construction of the scale of the global borders inside in the way of capitalist production. ' ' The internal dynamics of the different development, structuralized in accordance with specific the social and economic relations of the capitalist society molds the global scale. … of the same one form, the global one is divided not only according to divisions politics of the national states, but also as the development levels – subdesenvolvimento tried and alados by these states in the market mundial' ' (Smith, 2000).