Which is an area that lends itself very well to make tourism adventure, because that can get tours of all kinds. Mendoza offers the visitor a wide palette of possibilities for the practice of outdoor activities, because it counts with landscapes and scenes suitable for all disciplines. For those who enjoy aquatic activities, Mendoza has the feature of providing great rivers, with jumps and rapid dreamed up for rafting or boating. There are also a myriad of dikes that are looking to leverage the strength of these Andean rivers, so numerous artificial lakes, where you can practice other water sports such as windsurfing, surfing to sailing or motor boats (in the areas permitted for such activity) have been formed. The mountain chain that runs through the province from North to South reaches its point of maximum altitude in the continent. This part of the planet is worldwide famous for the peaks that offer an irresistible attractive for lovers of mountain climbing. One of the milestones in the life of any climber is the conquest of the peak of the Aconcagua, with nearly 7000 m of height.

While there are a large number of shelters, and every year many enthusiasts who seek to make Summit are expected, Aconcagua has claimed many lives. There is also a sinnumeros of glaciers, which constitute an important reserve of drinking water for the population of the place between the different mountain peaks. In the Aconcagua, the most important glaciers are Polish and English, called so in commemoration of groups of climbers from these nationalities who gave their lives trying to conquer this Patagonian giant. Another possibility of great interest to those who enjoy an active holiday is the crossing of the Andes. Usually this excursion lasts one week and is done on horseback. Participants overnight in camps erected at the time, and sleep in tents under the beautiful sky of mendocino. But this is not all what tourism and excursions in Mendoza has to offer. A few minutes from the capital city this Hill arch, a site where it is possible to carry out flights in paragliding, difficulty minimum. This is why it is the ideal place to perform baptism flights accompanied by an instructor, having the possibility to appreciate bird’s spectacular landscape mendocino.