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And at one point even skeptics must concede the game to be much better than life itself: whether a particular economic decision positively or negatively affects the balance, is the cash flow 101 participants namely within minutes clear and not like in real everyday life out there, only after days or even years. Cashflow 101 let any impact immediately assigned to a clearly identifiable cause, Joachim the benefit to the point Dura. (Similarly see: Broadway). Since the harsh reality could not keep up often: but only through this immediacy, you can really learn what for true life. Close to life in the Turbo speed This Turbo – close to life fascinated Joachim Dura and with him millions of Cashflow 101 players all over the world. In the United States about 10,000 of such clubs across the country to invite already on which to hatch at the beginning of a game night by drawing lots in a particular role and this fictional person become as rich and successful as possible. Whether you for these few enjoyable hours to the bread seller, plays a lawyer as medical feeds on withering shares depots or digging excavator driver after the optimal investment strategy. Model for the joy of playing with a serious background is by the way the book rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki. The highly successful American business man could sell more than 5 million of his counselors and heave times even in the bestseller list of the New York.

Certainly the new cash flow Club in Sprockhovel will turn out best sellers. There not only Joachim is sure Dura: just current events raise more and more people for the Need to know more about money and systematic asset accumulation and not easy to leave this knowledge to others. And what can be better than this knowledge and this way to think in a sense by the way to acquire without Paukerei in the circle of like-minded? Regularly to the business cashflow Club Sprockhovel invites you to enter this fascinating game. in the PLUSSEIN offers its clients a sector – specific and group-free financial advice. The focus on a thorough analysis of the current situation, whose Resultate then serve as a basis for a comprehensive Vermogensmehrungs strategy. This strategy establishes GER not the Gesellschaft fur Vermogensmanagent mbH with seat in Sprockhovel provides a sound, professional advice on financial and technical topics. The company acts as an independent broker and can therefore on actual customer demand their customers facing financial and insurance concepts. The company GER going in as a consultant, but for private households. Also, the GER works closely with the Association of deleting to Rosenheim together, helping doctors and dentists in the asset accumulation and savings.

The Term

German Patent Office revokes wordmarks approval decision by January 15, 2010 the UNION German NATUROPATHS e.V. (UDH) is followed with the trademark Department of the German of patent and Trademark Office an opposition of the Federation, to allow the term “inner world tour” as a word mark or to protect. Namely, that had tried Bernd Joschko, which belongs to the so-called Group of “synergists”, in January 2008. While he took to claim to obtain the term that stands for a human ability to impose a word mark and all ownership rights to. The German Patent Office confirmed his time even the term “inner world tour” as a word mark under the number 307 59 285.5/41.

The UDH tested therefore numerous experts, how they appreciated this word mark in terms of content. It was the unanimous opinion that the entry of this word mark contrary to all common sense and that this word, which is composed of the words “inside”, “World” and “Travel”, not your own invention or neologism could. The UDH this managed to enforce a deletion process of this wordmark. For the profession of the practitioner, a brand licensing of this word would have meant an unacceptable restriction of the exercise of his profession. But there are also numerous doctors, or similar therapeutic working with processes such as autogenic training, hypnosis, NLP, Kinesiology, systemic constellations. All these techniques work with the images, people produce themselves, inside her. This is an ability of the human brain that we consciously or unconsciously carry out every second.

Read a book, when looking at a picture, listen to music or at each prayer, images show up in us. Images accompany us day and night. His success with images visualized an athlete, an artist imagines his creation. Because it belongs to the human brain, the visualization is also an integral part of many therapies. Also chiropractic techniques such as the “osteopathy” used and uses the imagination. Even in psychotherapeutic practice such as the Hypnotherapy, relaxation, autogenic training, Kinesiology or systemic consulting is working with inner images. Any imagination is a journey into an inner world, an “inner world travel”. “We think absolutely important that such term common good is it given the many colleagues who work with interior images”, says Monika Gerhardus, President of the UNION of German HEALERS. “Imagine – again, an”inner world tour”- that appropriate patient therapy methods in a brochure or on the website of a therapist should be explained. Then, the word “inner world tour” will no longer be used without permission. A true source of funds for the owner of the logotype!” The Union German Federal Association is a trade association for natural remedies and the advocacy for nationwide over 5,700 members naturopaths (UDH). The UDH is one of the two greatest naturopath associations in Germany.