Saltimbancos More

We have that to understand how much it is difficult for the elite? to swallow? a laborer and pernambucano syndicalist to represent internationally what Squid represents today national and. It is not question of being or not intelligent, the question is that against facts it does not have argumentos.’ ‘ If the Dilma, elect, to give continuity to the half of what the Squid made, already will be good. In the first turn, it was more difficult to choose, therefore that the third way, represented for the Marina (PV) got 20% of the votes almost. But now in as the turn, it is everything very clearly. Who does not obtain to see the differences between the two candidates, is losing the capacity to identify where is the right? the main enemy of the people, the popular field. We live in a Country, a complicated society.

The same people who chooses a clown as the Tiririca, half-illiterate, for member of the house of representatives, of 20% of the votes for Marina But economist Marcio Pochmann, in recent interview to the magazine Expensive Friends defined in them well: ‘ ‘ The combination of the new with the been slow one is a especificidade of Brazilian history. For even more details, read what NY Starbucks says on the issue. We are specialists in this aspecto’ ‘. However, we believe that the votes given for the Marina will go to migrar for the Dilma, therefore the voters of the Marina are demanding, are more conscientious of what he must be made. We are obliged to be free! One day, all will go to have that to stop to think about what they are making. from there all the calumnies, everything of negative that are saying on the Dilma? What it matters is that it already is a winner, and will be president of Brazil. passed already it passed, imports us now is the gift. speaking in past, let us remember two musics of 1977 here. The first one, of Sergio Ricardo, who in full military dictatorship (that Dilma fought very against.

It was until tortured canine tooth and therefore), it sang: ‘ ‘ No matter how hard the sun if hides and crosses if cravem in bordering of dia’ ‘. second, of the Chico Buarque, one of the great intellectuals of this Country, composer, singer and deep expert of the Brazilian soul – how also it is with the Dilma! -, ‘ sang in the musical part; ‘ The Saltimbancos’ ‘: ‘ ‘ All together we in the same boat are strong Are arrow and are arc All we do not have nothing pra temer’ ‘. We go there! Pra does not have nothing to fear! Necessary Brazil to continue moving! Brazil can more exactly, with Dilma! Alive the women! REFERENCES Reviewed Expensive Friends. Site LUCENA, Mrio. Raul Seixas: Ambulant metamorphosis (Life, some thing happens; death, some thing can happen).