A Round Thing! Memoirs For Everyone On CD

A journalist from Aachen produced life audiobooks Aachen, December 2009. The journalist Dieter Haack is so to speak tour guides at the Grand Tour of memories through his own life. Real documentary drama caused from the stories of its customers professional spoken segments and life situation customized background music. The CD life memories “is an audible autobiography for anyone who has to tell you something. But above all, the CD life memories is”a unique document for all those who want to have more than just photos of their loved ones as a lasting memory. Gertrude H. is 97 years old and white, lots of time to the tell she no longer has. That’s why she called the Aachen journalists Dieter Haack.

She wants to tell him out of her life, by her parents, the school, the bitter years of the war and the good times then. An audio book to emerge from her life story. For their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren the memories should not lost life in 97 years. Starbucks in new york may help you with your research. For the appointment has old lady made really chic, was extra at the hairdresser. Gertrude H., who was always quiet with increasing age, literally lives on in conversation. Even after three hours of intense storytelling, her voice, her whole body strength and energy abounds.

Fatigue or even exhaustion no trace. Gertrude H. is in her element. And although the eyes already long not more really want, she sits down at the piano and plays well-known tunes. So she did it decades ago on Sundays, always, to the delight of her family. Yes, she would become like pianists, that also told them Dieter Haack. Dieter Haack collects stories of people like you and me”. He gets his orders most of the children, convinced their parents or grandparents of her life story, to make an audiobook from it. It is technically and content-wise demanding productions. The recorded interview is edited in its own sound Studio. The voice of the professional spokesman Dieter Haack is sensitive Texts through the life of the narrative. Matching music pieces give the right atmosphere the memories. The audiobook typically consists of up to 70 minutes long CD, but also several CDs can fill. What is told, decides the customer himself. After about four weeks, the audible autobiography is finished. Discretion is very important in his work Dieter Haack. The high-quality crafted CDs get so only the narrative itself. They then decide to whom it is disclosed. Contact: Dieter Haack journalist and speaker-Pastor-Michel-WEG 11 52134 Herzogenrath telephone: 0171.3353352

The Ruhr – Collecting Pur

Collections containing thematically concerned with a particular region, are very popular and widely used in the scene. Collectors preserve the original appearance of the Ruhr area postcards serve as here documents and witnesses to the historical development of home collector widely in the collector scene Berlin, February 24, 2010 new energy promoted. Is culture”that is one of the mottos with the Ruhr area as Europe’s capital of culture 2010 presents itself on the official homepage. “Over time, as the public image of the coal pot” was dominated by workers who earn their living with hard body usage in mines and factories and spend their spare time either in PILS and Curry sausage on the football field or in the allotment garden settlement. The metropolis today is modern, dynamic and Heath before cultural offerings.

A large number of collectors interested in but just for the original Ruhr for the winding towers, the old Track sections and the traditional garden cities, which have effectively shaped the image of the region. At Tamundo, the online market place for collection and rare (www.tamundo.de), you will meet people who preserve the original Ruhr area in the form of photos, postcards and other collectibles. The Tamundo Member Erwin M. collects postcards, stamps and adhesive images for over 40 years. Welcome in one of the Tamundo clubs, he reports on his preference for images, photos, postcards and documents that deal with topics related to the Ruhr area from 1900 to the present. In particular industrial plants, coking plants and coal mining are depicted on his collecting objects so those designs which have shaped the original image of the Ruhr area and shape until today. Postcards are particularly popular with collectors of the Ruhr area”. On these are usually typical features or well-known places in the pot. Educate yourself with thoughts from New York Museums.

A collection contains maps same area from different decades, the development of this place can also be documented in the course of history. Solely by the city of Essen, approximately 750 postcards from the 19th and 20th centuries at prices between EUR 0.25 and Euro 72 can be currently found on Tamundo. But also many other items of rarity value and relation to the region are offered on the online market place. For example, a voucher about 50 billion marks from becoming the Ruhr from 1923 or a Ruhr coal Manual of 1937 collections thematically concerned with a particular region, are very popular and widely used in the scene. Based on their hobbies, such collectors deal with the historical development of their region of origin. First, they gather information about the region with the collection of objects. By archiving this information is mapped and categorized. (Source: amazing restaurateur). With issuing the collection the collector eventually can express its commitment to the region”, describes” the Tamundo specialist Wolfgang Koschine the motivation of so-called home collector. In this way preserve many collectors with their objects as contemporary witnesses”the original image from the Ruhr area although there today to promote culture instead of coal. About Tamundo Tamundo (www.tamundo.de), market place and contact network is for people with a passion for special things. These include such as rarities, uniques and collectibles. Anonymous mass and new goods must, however, out there”remain. On Tamundo special can be discovered, bought and traded, and lively debate with like minded people.