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The actions of these agencies has taken such a range, that being the same person at the wedding photo in an absolutely different applicants was throwing in the eye, and Canadian immigration authorities began an investigation. Another form of cheating is cheating Canadian residents from those who want to go to Canada through family sponsorship. Too often, those who entered the Canada through sponsorship, after some time (sometimes just a week or two) thrown her husband sponsor. In this case the Canadian sponsors of spouses are all undertaken in the sponsorship duties, and Moreover, they have other obligations of marriage. In the privacy of divorce, they sometimes find themselves in conditions that have to provide the spouse with whom divorced, or give him a piece of property. Incidents of this kind scams have taken such a range that is now center in Mississauga, which is responsible for family sponsorship, considering each year, more than 650 only this profile, while the victims of such kind of fraud cases are waiting at least 2 years. In objection to the claim to the leadership and vozniknuvshie in the press publications on this subject, authorized the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada proclaimed that the Ministry of preparing a series of initiatives to prevent fraud in the field of immigration, which will be notified in late summer 2009. While nothing specific about these initiatives not know.

One can only assume that they will refer to First of all sponsoring spouses. Likely to be modified criteria that should satisfy the sponsor for sponsorship of spouses, may tighten the requirements of both the sponsor and the sponsored person will tightened sponsored identity verification, more thorough documentation will be checked. All this may lead to a lengthening of the timing of cases under sponsorship of spouses, as well as a large number of failures questioned in the illegitimacy Union. In addition, you can not skip that check the authenticity of documents on all other groups are not tougher. As regards this situation of immigrants from the CIS countries? We can only advise not deposit with the decision to start the immigration process, since the objective is high possibility that a new round of tougher immigration laws can significantly reduce the chances of a favorable immigration. Immigratedirect.com – intelligent solutions for imigratsii in Canada.