TGCs Goin

Germany’s cross-media real estate portal opts for in-game promotion in TGCs sci fi adventure Goin’ downtown Berlin / Hamburg, April 24, 2008: the Berlin publisher TGC – the games company and Germany’s most popular real estate website ( cooperate for the on the upcoming May 15 high-tech thriller Goin’ downtown, which will take the adventurous gamers in the New York of the year 2072. In the marketing cooperation meets the player at his virtual investigations in Manhattan Immonet advertising in the form of dynamic Street ads and virtual spots. Also on the packaging and in the manual the portal will be integrated. In the previous release and release period, TGC draws the attention of the Immonet visitors on Goin’ downtown. For this, the Berlin design an eye-catching banner campaign with high-pressure advertising.

A dual approach of selected media partners completes the cooperation. Daniel Gors, lead corporate communications games like Goin’ downtown are an interesting medium for, because a young target group focused and with high involvement sits in front of the screen. As already in the successful viral campaign with Immonet videos that made ‘Looking for apartments’ provocative, emotion we brand now as a first mover also through in-game promotion. \”No marketing gag stand to benefit from the additional reach over 15,000 industrial customers directly in real estate marketing that is cooperation ‘, but promotion.\” Also for Mark Binnewies, product manager TGC, cooperation means qualitative marketing value: thematically as large real estate portal fits seamlessly into the urban setting of Goin’ downtown is a, which takes the player in his virtual investigations including luxury apartments in Manhattan. We have developed, new in-game promotion in the form of holo-ads ensures the authentic integration of the partners in the game. Our target group for Goin’ downtown is clearly adult than other games of the genre. So we have decided deliberately, to go new ways of marketing beyond the pure Gamingrouten.