Wall Street and the Homeless

They say that if the homeless to settle Wall Street along with the millionaires, he too will become a millionaire, because to learn to think like them. Gaining new knowledge and skills, we build self-confidence, which directly affects the attitude towards us from the client. Questions – great art, and in clarifying the customer's needs must be built to locate and call it confidence. 3. Everyone knows that meet on clothes and good quality packaging increases the cost of the goods. So do not ignore things like image and ability to apply yourself, right speech and a friendly voice, a solid office and high-quality site. By self-promotion, some people use unconsciously.

If a long story all, as we are honest and principled, naturally reinforcing speech acts, then this estimate can soon be heard from other people. Not liable to extremes – arrogance and humility, to equator best "samoprodavtsy." Emotional presentation of information more memorable, and if you truly love, admire and believe that we offer, we will call the interest and most skeptical customers. 4. Responding to objections questions, you should not forget the simple truth that the buyer is always right, there are no bad or wrong customers, there is a wrong approach to feed him and a bad product. You must be a buyer with an equal, respected and valued, not late to a meeting to call back in time, to fulfill the agreements and offer them assistance.

5. Upon completion of the transaction were not necessary to solve for the customer, if he has any money, any buyer have the money, if we interested. People rarely say what they think, so obvious signs of lack of interest can serve as the phrase "I'll think," "call back", "I have no money", "going on a mission", etc. 6. After the transaction, it is important liaise with the client, not to forget about yourself. Be afraid to miss an opportunity, not calling the right place and time, and not to seem intrusive. We must constantly strive to improve its value. It is important to pre- themselves to decide what bar below, we will not drop ever, and the heights we want to achieve. In order not to stop there, the bar claims to pick up every time a new height. Master the art of selling yourself possible only with a daily workout at the frequent meetings and negotiations, only to known laws of physics and life will move out of proportion to the quality. Aerobatics in the art of selling a – Self-management – the ability not to succumb to provocations and buyers to sell its own rules. Olga Udalova Coach of financial success