Capital Market

Bonds successfully place the capital market properly tapping into Berlin: German medium-sized companies conquer the capital market successfully and obtain fresh money through bond issues. The regional stock exchanges by Hamburg can it to Munich. These have extra for medium-sized businesses created new segments, which can place the medium-sized corporates. The biggest advantage of a bond issues on a regional stock exchange: the previously necessary involvement of a bank is no longer mandatory. Because the regional stock exchanges offer extensive assistance in the emission entrepreneurs. An emission is also possible at the regional stock exchanges already from a volume of 10 million euro. This paves the way on the floor already companies with a turnover of 35 million euros.

In particular small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can access with the bonds a new financial instrument, which was previously not available for them. Hence a new way to optimize their financing mix offers them and to make the Bank more independent. Facing the coming tightening in the lending standards (Basel III), this is one of the most important strategic tasks for the middle class. A central question is, on what stock exchange the securities to be listed. Because each Exchange offers different services (such as marketing tools for the paper) and calls different result obligations by the company. So is the market leader in SME bonds Stuttgart, has a large impact, requires also a minimum volume of 25 million euros for an emission. Bonds, however, from 10 million euros can be placed in Dusseldorf.

However, Dusseldorf requires a minimum credit rating (BB). Conclusion: With the possibility of public emissions of small bonds without the obligatory participation of the Bank, the range of financing for SMEs has become much broader. Clever entrepreneurs benefit from the competition of the stock exchanges to potential issuers. “Note: bonds successfully place In the Fox News” we have a Guide created, accompanied by the first step of the grateful on the parquet and which consultants help you in this endeavour.