City Council

These ignorant Knights and ladies never bought sound level meters approved mandatory, so it could not make sound measurements that would have legal value, and not informing the police to the complainants as it was mandatory. Currently not yet available our City Council of such sound level meters due to lack of liquidity in other words, bankruptcy, so even though noise pollution of any kind is denouncing the police can not do much, except check the noise in situ, in accordance with the chapter IV.-LAS DISTURBANCES by vibration. Article 33, applicable to coexistence among neighbors of dwellings ADJOINING (prohibits the operation of machines, installations or activities that convey detectable vibrations directly without the need for measuring instruments). Article 32 are extracted the three magnitudes which are used to measure vibration (displacement, velocity and acceleration), in which is established as a unit of measure, the acceleration in meters per second squared (m/s2). Curves are adopted limits of vibration on acceleration of standard DIN-4150, intensity of perception of vibration K of annex I of the basic standard for building and conditions acoustics of buildings (NBE-CA-82); for residential areas a limit of 0.2 K day is fixed for the continuous vibration and 0.15 at night. Guideline value. Torque vibrations transitional day: 4-night: 0.15.

Returning to the vital importance of chapter III.-from LS levels of pressure SONORA in his article 28.-(do the measuring instrument shall contain the specifications laid down in IEC standards-6510 or IEC – 804?, as in the case of sound level meters and sound level meters integrators, respectively.) Article 30, establishes that the noise level in the interior of the houses, which is transmitted by impact of activities, except of the originating traffic and works, shall not exceed the following limits: between 8 and 22 hours: 40 dB (A) between 22 and 8 hours: 30 dB (A) all this is just a brief review of established norms that you know very well and which break down too often to knowing, lying and causing serious damages to the citizenship. SUGGESTION: Mr. Alcalde: let you lie, because I remember that avatars We suffered for years about this issue in particular; numerous calls to police, letter of request to install sound meter and meetings with you and continues to violate the law. I invite you to abandon these practices and submit to the rule of law stop laughing now because not I’m going to allow for a longer time. That no longer surprise us some police when required them to check and make the proceedings about noise from neighbours and not tell us, is still day. Those who answered thus does not know the rules or do not meet them intentionally and that, this is very serious. Corporatism in this sort of thing is evident, by action or omission by those who know him, even may be incurring crime do that instead of serving the citizenry as it is their obligation, they abuse us and above laugh? Tell by the comments of the street: < >. The rumours are true, that the quantity of documents I attest. ARE YOU, THE POLITICIANS AND OFFICIALS, MORE HONEST AND STOP BEING ENEMIES OF THE CITIZENSHIP. There are many complaints and suggestions for making and these, will not remain in oblivion and even less abusive practices and corruption, mainly of urban planning, among other not less draught, and the effort required to achieve an audit economic.