The decision to establish the production of fuel briquettes, is linked, among other things, a preliminary study of potential markets sbyta.Osnovnye areas: The use to meet their own energy requirements Domestic sales Export With rising energy demand for alternative sources is steadily increasing. The main consumers of biofuels is Denmark, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Poland, the Baltic countries. There are some opinions that fuel briquettes produced in Eastern Europe, will not be in demand in overseas markets. Of course, it is not. Demand for fuel briquettes much exceeds supply and has a tendency of constant growth. There is almost no competition. Let us specify only that European consumers are used to high-quality product, this also applies to the briquette.

Note that the briquettes produced by domestic briquetting presses, in all their characteristics is not inferior to Western counterparts. To us, as the briquette View Manufacturers constantly seek representatives from companies that sell biofuels in Europe and we are not able to provide the requested amount. The price of pellet type Piny & Kay quite competitive and slightly higher than for other types of briquette. Of great importance is the outer surface, no contamination in the hole, clean cut briquette. The strength of the briquette pinikeevskogo widely known. Octagonal shape of the briquette is the most efficient packing and storage.

The material and quality of raw materials is also important. Western consumers buy mainly from sawdust briquette, but we already have some requests for briquettes such raw materials as straw and sunflower. Foreign consumers tend to provide a briquette producers its label so in retail, such as Poland and Germany on the packaging of briquettes produced in the CIS, you will not see 'the true manufacturer. " Of course, the substandard product (fragments) that may occur in production can be realized by local boiler houses and people. In spring-summer season is a slight decrease in the price of briquettes. Beginning in August, begins to grow and the price is finally formed in the market by October. Forward wholesalers buy wood briquettes and pellets in large quantities in the spring and summer to sell in the season small wholesale and retail at the maximum price. If you have storage space (or at least open area under the canopy), price fluctuations have no impact on sales volumes.