Mineral Water

The fact that the miracle water Iron Mountain knew a long time, currently not in doubt. Detected in the most ancient settlements within the modern city, the ruins of fortifications along the Silk Road on the mountain , the remnants of an old wooden tub, found when clearing source "" – all said to use mineral water for the treatment of local peoples. And when here in 1810, came Dr. fp Haas, water found them a source of dripping in the tub with stones. The first written mention of the sources of lead naturalist, ps Pallas, seconded to the area Pyatigorje in 1793 by the Russian Academy of Sciences. In his report he mention of mineral springs, located between Beshtau and iron. About them he had been told by locals and asserted that "between one hot mineral springs.

In the late xviii and early xix century the area was Pyatigorje densely populated Kabardins, abazintsami and Noghais. And, of course, they knew about the existence of Mineral Waters Mountain Gooch-tau, but reluctantly showed them to researchers. This could see Dr. Haas, who in his first visit in 1809 was not able to find the mysterious mineral springs. And the only direct assistance in the following year Prince Ismail Bey , who personally led Haas through dense forest to the mountain Gooch-tau, which at its southern slope, and were found three sources. "We arrived at the place at half past five – Haas wrote in his book" My Journey to the Aleksandrov water "- and I immediately determined to taste and form small glandular source that crossed our path.