How To Make A BBQ From A Brick With Their Hands ?

If you live in an apartment, for outdoor recreation will have to go to the park, go out of town or go to friends who live in a private home. When it comes to barbecue, for the most part, the owners of private houses did not conditions to rest in comfort. Addressing the arrangement of space to relax in the garden (in particular, places where you can fry the skewers, cook another food), I propose to consider in this paper. I'll tell you once that the idea to build a fire came after market research for all kinds of grills, barbecues with their hands and other such things. And when we did not find anything suitable, we started thinking how to do exactly what you need. NYC marathon brings even more insight to the discussion.

Tried in the country – like it was built the same house BBQ. (A valuable related resource: belleclaire). It's really very convenient. Now let's get to the point. What materials will be needed in order to build a fireplace? – A concrete solution (you can buy but it is easier to do yourself.) – The board did not trimmed (to form). – Edged board (the base for a tie tops) – Not required metal (go as reinforcement in the foundation). This may be an old wire, trim valves, channels, bandwidth sheet metal – anything that you do not exactly come in handy (for me there lay scraps channels, wheels from an old car, cutting corners and other debris). – Brick (can anyone, but looks beautiful blend face brick, bassoon and of stone) – roofing material – brick refractory – a metal tube (about 15 cm in diameter).