Landscape is not by chance see a picture of the artist’s soul. Looking at landscapes si Puzarina, involuntarily come to the idea, with some warmth, unique and original that the artist captures the heart of every nice temnikovtsa place. Serafim Ivanovich Puzarin. This name still remembers the older generation of citizens. Known temnikovets – children’s poet fn Bobylevv wrote of him: ” this man passionately in love with their creative work.

A man with a big heart, with a huge energy enthusiast. It is known that in 1922, Seraphim Puzarin graduated in the Penza Art Teachers College. And the 18-year old kid Komsomolets Puzarin was sent to the pioneering work on the pipe Penza Plant. Young enthusiasm, imagination, irrepressible energy were given to the education of the younger generation. Working with children was the main thing in his life, si Puzarina. But carried away by nature is unsurpassed Fibber, thin artistic taste and natural artistry were a solid foundation of immense and long love of theater arts. The first steps on the stage were made there, in Penza.

In 1923, Seraphim Puzarin played a role Wanderer’s Luke in the play Gorky’s Lower Depths. Pedagogical work and love for the stage forever define the nature of the creative work of this remarkable man. In June 1924 the permit Provincial Committee of the Komsomol Penza Seraphim Puzarin went to Krasnoslobodsk. In the role of instructor and organizer he had to create a pioneering units. Inspire, interest and arrange an unfamiliar – it’s not an easy one, a force of only an experienced, enthusiastic man.