Property Rentals

Still practiced a sort of way: just go on the street as you liked, and interest from local residents who rents housing. The first year I found the room exactly in this way. During the season shall be an impressive share of Theodosius 🙂 Well, of course for other resort towns is also true. Amazing restaurateur helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The city is located along the Gulf of , so if you move to the sea, past the beach so you will not miss. There are urban and even suburban "wild" beaches. Swim recommend mainly on the "wild".

They are few people, fresh water, indigenous feodosiytsy swim so to them. But if you do not have opportunity to rest apart from the beds, as well as an awning or any of the city's beaches for the appropriate coin will give you these services. Sandy beaches, is found not very big pebbles. Water is clear, clean, and warm. The question of power is relevant to almost every spa guests.

Personally, I was eating in a beautiful dining room, which is located on the street Fedko. The present number of houses can not tell, but if etaketak what the sea near you located on the left, so dining will be on the right. The building in bright colors, it is not easy with something confused. Next there is a sign as well as an impressive turn around always 🙂 The food is hearty and very inexpensive. This is the most known, but by no means the only dining room in town. Well, in Feodosia mass cafes, restaurants, bars, together with the extensive options of dishes and prices. Major supermarkets in the city of course not, but there are many shops, some are open around the clock. Of the attractive and informative leaflets for tourists in the history of Theodosia there, perhaps, everything. This museum, which was founded in 1811, and is one of the oldest in cis. Art gallery (which is also a museum), the great artist Ivan Aivazovsky, built in 1880. Both museums are located on the avenue Aivazovsky. Memorial house-museum of Alexander Grin in the street art gallery, and as a mini-museum of Marina Tsvetaeva. Architecture memorials are a variety of constructions: the tower of St. Constantine, erected in 1382, and the fountain Aivazovsky, completed in 1888. Villas and mansions on Embankment: giving "Stamboli" dacha "Milos", giving "Victoria". To the west of the city are the remnants of the Genoese fortress, its two towers have survived even to this day – a tower of Clement vi, as well as the tower Crisco. Here is an old renovated church. In most Theodosia mass of medieval churches: Orthodox, Armenian Catholic, a Muslim mosque. List all sites is very tedious. I can only say that now in the city, and also in its vicinity are about 150 monuments of history and architecture. Not without attention and entertainment. In the city of 2 or three kinotetatra, on the waterfront are many night clubs. In many restaurants arranged the dance floor. At the end of the promenade is an amusement area. In the summer of Theodosius often attend concerts pop stars as the vocal and conversational genre. In general, Theodosius – a resort that does not let you get bored, will provide entertainment for every taste, and leave in the memory is so friendly memories that are now in a resort want to come back again.