Rental Apartments

How to protect yourself from the risks in renting by owner. It's no secret that the Moscow real estate is always a price. The owners of apartments in Moscow can earn through good putting homeownership out, However, in order to avoid all possible risks and errors, you need to know all the nuances and pitfalls of this business. Owners of real estate in Moscow must be minimally versed in legal and legal issues putting their homes without any intermediaries. You must have well-written contract of lease to avoid further misunderstandings. That can only do not go to fraudsters in our time, trying to capitalize on gullibility and naivete owners.

The basic scam is similar scams subnaym apartment, or its subsequent resale. This happens when the housing has surrendered to retake third tricksters face. In this case, crooks take payment from their victims in advance, explaining their own actions instability in the economy. When, after a while there is the true owner of the property, begin proceedings, which may last for an indefinite period, and accompanied by endless trials. Justice will prevail, but this would require considerable time and energy.

To avoid such a situation, when drafting a contract to rent an apartment without intermediaries need to formally deny the tenant the right to grant sub-lease. In this case, upon the occurrence of specified circumstances property owner has every right to expel illegal tenants. Resale rented an apartment – it's more serious and legally punishable fraud. In our time, will not make much effort to make fake documents and make a sale transaction. When the landlord discovers deception and says the police began the investigation and lengthy litigation involving a considerable financial cost. In order not to become a victim of this scam all the documents for housing should be kept out of the apartment and did not give their tenants, while at the fraudsters will not be likely to copy and use your documents for their own purposes. In addition apartment should be kept under constant supervision, and if your fears are confirmed, it will suffice to simply terminate the contract. Apartments for rent by owner. Single base apartment offered for rent in Moscow and Moscow region only Owners. Want to rent rent flats without Agents and Realtors. Draft Central Bureau of Common Property tsebn created especially for those who want to sell or buy an apartment / room rent rent an apartment / room Moscow or the Moscow region is without intermediaries.