Soccer In Venezuela

Oliver and Benji, but in poor man and Venezuela. " It was that series of drawings in which the end of the football grounds was not seen, that were confused the grass with the horizon? ". That, Champions. " I have only seen some image, never a chapter entero". Marcel Rasquin, Venezuelan of 34 years, has made debut in the direction with Brother, and after a fruitful passage by festivales like the one of Los Angeles, Havana, Moscow or Huelva, it arrives now at the Spanish rooms. Rasquin is enthusiastic of soccer " I like very many, but my friendly, all fanatics read this interview, are going away to laugh of me, would say you that to not alive it suficiente" , and with very little money and much eye when using the most universal sport has obtained a film that hooks with the public through the life of two brothers, one adopted, that dreams about being professional soccer players. For its misfortune, they play in the equipment of its district, the Ash, in the suburbs of Caracas, surrounded by gangs, of murders and drug, " and in a country that it prefers by far bisbol". Source of the news: : When soccer serves to leave the poverty back