Christmas In Greenland

Greenland has all the natural and climatic conditions for a white Christmas. In the land of polar bears, reindeer and musk oxen, Christmas is celebrated with the family size. Santa is coming, however, arrived on the dogsled. Finally, the reindeer meat for the feast day table … needs of Christian faith came in the 18th The Christian Century in Greenland Christmas only came in the first half of the 18th Century Greenland. 1721 traveled to the evangelical pastor Hans Egede (1686-1758) from Norway to Greenland, to show the people of the Christian faith.

His wife Gertrude, who had supported him in the care of the sick, died there in 1735 during a smallpox epidemic. Hans Egede was following from another missionary catechists for use in Greenland. The people of this largest island in the world are therefore one of about 98 percent Protestant. After Egede, the "apostle of Greenland, even the city was" Egesminde " named in the West Greenland, whose creation time his son Nils had taken in hand. Christmas traditions on the Greenland Christmas customs are similar to those of the Kingdom of Denmark much for their political affiliation.

The tree must be the local Greenland but have been importing many months before Christmas from the South. It is then decorated with candles, paper hearts and paper flowers, but also Greenland and Danish flags, and with little surprises. Larger gifts are then placed under the Christmas tree. On Christmas Eve, a church in festive dress is on the agenda. The Greenlandic children go from house to house to bring her before Christmas. As in almost every country visit each other in this time relatives and friends to eat together and to organize games. A very important part is to represent the dancing around the Christmas tree – and allegedly spoiled on Christmas Eve – and only then – the men their wives. You bring them their coffee and stir it around for them. How "pathetic". If it is true! Festive Specialties: Seals, whales and reindeer as the Greenlanders, especially the Eskimos, have a very specific diet is, of course, the festive meal on Christmas very special. On the festive table will seal and whale meat as the meat of reindeer. Bad luck for them, that the pulling of the sled have already taken over the Christmas Special delicacies like dogs … "mattak (Walhaut) and" kiviak "(a dish of meat, fat, blood, herbs and berries, and the wound in Robbenbalg is preserved by freezing) are also on the Christmas table as halibut and smoked salmon. Letters to Santa Claus to children around the world can send their letters to Santa Claus the way to Greenland. In the Greenlandic capital Nuuk is a giant red mailbox ("Postbrevkasse"), in which they are collected. Supposedly they are all good answered … More articles about Christmas in other countries: Christmas in England