Latin America

Also the same radical popubcion paisesno well treated these migrants, as well as in Russia, so there's fascist organizations aimed at "cleansing" the land of the people of the third class, they choose the work of the radical population. In several paicas these groups can only scream alga offense to immigrants (for example in Sweden they offend immigrants with the phrases "black heads"), but other violent actions are implemented (in Russia). Those youth groups in Russia Daron English name "Skinhead" which in Spanish means "The heads of the Strap. Esses groups routinely cause violence not only to foreigners and immigrants and people but by the color of their hair do not seem to the Russians. I warn the reader that the author of that article and attacked members of that group and just not killed.

Because my father is from Nicaragua and as a result of that I have the warm brown hair. At present the process of delivery of the visa for entry (Sheng, American) Russian tourists require evidence of your financial well being. Pay attention also to their family status (married or not this). If they are citizens of other nearby countries (of those who previously belonged to the USSR), they may waive the visa delivery.). Among them are the citizens of Chechnya. For example, Chechen refugees move to Norway via illegal, for example in the special car, paying for it the big money.

Incidentally, Norway gives priority to foreign labor in the countries of Africa, South East Asia, Latin America, which the Russians. However, many Russian immigrants who are illegally in another country with only a work permit (often temporary) and are not entitled to residence. For example, in Norway as well as in many other developed countries is driven hard policy limiting immigration flow of immigrants. Today the population of Russia is moving to the capital Moscow because beyond the average wage is higher than in the regions of Russia. Besides that there is less unemployment in the regions of Russia. Such are the basic principles of labor migration.