Acoustic Office

Aluminium enclosures * screens of aluminium or steel are metal enclosures made of steel plate, which allows us to guarantee high levels of noise, elegant and modern spaces. Types of screens according to their utility, can be classified in: * mobile screens, formed by independent modules suspended from a guide to recessed ceiling and anchored to the floor, joining vertically by the action of magnetic strips, allowing a room to have a transformable, multifunctional use according to different situations and requirements. * Acoustic enclosures, structures are stuffed inside of materials absorbents, ideal for meeting rooms, radio, recording studios and dubbing stations home cinema, etc. * Office screens, are flexible and mobile, modular enclosures designed to create and separate environments of elegant and functional, dividing sectors into a single space. Its material is much more economical and the time that it takes to create all the divisions is less. In larger offices, they give the possibility to create environments of different sizes and shapes, with only run them a little place. There are various partitions as facilities Torrejon for Office manufacturers who offer a wide range of styles and designs, according to the tastes and needs of the customer, with high quality standards and low price market. In internet we can find a great variety of companies around the world, who are responsible for developing, selling, and distributing these products. Sites such as, is a manufacturer of partitions for Office to the customer’s taste, who also provide service installation, and, who deliver customer a personalized study of your decoration with specialized advisory project. Also sites are available to acquire second-hand affordable Office desk. A wide variety of designs and styles can be found in and