Business Administration

Business English in the modern business world can not do without English proficiency. However, not good enough to learn a language in high school, to feel comfortable in a business environment. Features of ownership Business English relate to many types of activities in relation to different sectors of the economy. Great importance to the development of these features highlight the many programs aimed at training workers international companies, as well as the growing demand of managers, directors and secretaries to specialized courses in English, adapted to the professional field of the company. Business English contains currently several aspects. Under this concept combined skills of business communication, business correspondence, the profile of English.

However, in order to begin the study of business English is necessary for beginning to reach the level of Intermediate! Business communication skills needed to communicate by phone in English, making presentations and speeches by using the characteristic turns of phrase and intonation. Such knowledge Companies need employees from secretaries to senior managers and directors. Proper maintenance of telephone conversations and the ability to intelligently present their ideas – an integral part of working with partners. Simple easily digestible phrases allow you to act more friendly, polite and confident. In a conversation with foreigners you do not have to think about every sentence – you can focus on the essence of the conversation. Skills Business Correspondence to English language needed for business correspondence, forms and rules.

Having studied the text blocks, turns of phrase and a standard language competently made business letters, you can create the most informative and easy for the perception of letters. The study of professional English vocabulary is most often required of lawyers, financiers, economists, doctors and specialists in other fields. For example, the foreign exchange market participants knowledge of English language is a prerequisite for successful trading. Note not just the ordinary English language, and terminology used on the trading floor, financial news, as well as in contracting for opening of accounts by brokers. No less important is the knowledge bank of English for Russian specialists! Modern banking sector in Russia is growing enormous pace, outstripping growth of the economy in general, causing influx of new personnel. A huge number of foreign banks in the industry, foreign partners, foreign terminology – all this determines a necessary condition for successful operation and promotion of staff – namely, knowledge Bank of English. Business English in modern Russia is becoming an integral part of good professional knowledge of a specialist. This is evidenced by the training program of business education mba (Master of Business Administration). Along with disciplines such as quantitative methods in economics and management, management, commerce, strategic management, legal regulation of business, marketing, etc., not less important in program has a business English, as a link to all disciplines, the language of business. Thus, the modern business people in Russia are increasingly denied the services of an interpreter when dealing with foreign partners, and Having studied Business English, overcomes the language barrier, along with a barrier to a successful business!