Jose Miguel Sanchez

The reading of the work of Henry George Progreso and poverty that recommended me Juan M. Alarcon Castillon and explanations about the current stock market performance by Jose Miguel Sanchez I used to develop, together with the study of the Tobin tax which I already explained in my previous work, a model of financing typical for the RB. Which obviously requires a theoretical explanation. It is not mixing several ideas, but analyzing various theories that allow to see the need to specifically establish a RB, rate of financing of basic income rate. Characterized: to) as a single fee, which mixes with the model of single tax proposed in his time Henry George. (b) by leaving the financial economy, as the dominant sector of current economic development. Which leads us to expand the study of James Tobin, on his famous rate for monetary transactions.

Henry George analyzes the economic realities of his era, the last half of the century XIX. Part of observing how an increasingly rich and prosperous society also increases poverty. What he sees something amazing. Little more than one century later we can read the declarations of the director of the Chase Manhattan Bank in the United States. UU. David Rockefeller: poverty is the great absurdity of the current economic system.

This American Banker poses that poverty would not be avoided handing out money, but developing alongside personal benefits as well as social. The question is how to do it more when the model of creating employment for distributing wealth is exhausted. This question is to which George wanted to give an answer. He noted that the technique and science increased work efficiency, especially at the beginning of the use of steam and electricity. George discusses how it relates the capital salary and criticism, in this regard, several theories, including that of Adam Smith. It studies processes of emerging economies, as happened in his time in the United States.