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To conciliate environment with healthful life becomes inevitable to have the support basic rule that it thinks about current and the future generations. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Rudy Giuliani. To adentrar in the subject that will be boarded with focus in article 225 of our great letter, it fits to mention the definition of animal, vegetal life and human being, to understand legal the importance ambient of these elements to have an ambient balance. See shimmie horn for more details and insights. Thus, initially we go to the concepts: 6 – ANIMAL LIFE the fauna and flora are species that if reproduce and transmit its characteristics to its descendants. With the evolution of each species and its strategy of reproduction genetically determined, some species had evolved separately for geologic accidents. The animal species in its majority if put into motion in definitive spaces.

However the migratory species exist that cover enormous distances looking for a place to multiply, looking its habitat. Some species alone if feed of definitive plants or animals and or demand ground with particular characteristics for its procreation. Thus the maintenance of biodiversity is of vital importance. ' ' The biodiversity concept, in accordance with Cesar Benjamim, includes all the products of the organic evolution, in all the levels of genes until complete ecosystems, passing for the organisms vivos.' ' The science that studies the animals is called zoology All and any study that it intends to give to subsidies for the understanding and/or maintenance of the ecological balance in surrounding data it does not do without the knowledge of the organisms compose that it. The animal diversity is very little known in our tropical and tempered regions. The number of still unknown species sobrepuja in very to everything what already we know. Simpson, 1952 (Evolution, 6:342) esteem the existence of 2 million living animal species; Mayr, 1969 (Principles of Systemcatic Zoology, New York) indicated that it would have enters the 5 10 million species; whereas Erwin, 1982 (Coleopterist' s Bulletin, 36 (1): 74-75), supported in studies carried through in the Amazonian forest, esteem that only the insects they would present a diversity of about 30 million species.


The residues produced to each per item day of in them are nothing less than a question of the modernity of the wild consumption with the advent of the industrial revolution and that this related with nature and the culture of a people. The residues produced incessantly for in them have been a problem, therefore we do not want making responsible in them for something that in the conception bothers, translating a dirt aspect of bad odor and that it does not result in income source, what it is not truth. Statistical data demonstrate that about 95% of the urban residues they can be used to advantage demonstrating the great potential of reaproveitamento what in them it takes the 5% conclusion is really not usable residue. Hundred and thousands of tons of garbage produced daily in much city Brazilian, are in its great one maioriamantidos in lixes that are deposits the opened sky, always in great areas moved away from the urban centers, where they are busy for all the type of residues happened of domestic, industrial environments, fairs and hospitals that are highly to be able polluting. The lixes beyond being an inadequate environment of disposioresidual the dea proliferation becomes propitious dissemination of the most complex illnesses such as: Leptospirose, plague bubonic, ttano, dengueisso is only one small demonstration of problematic of responsibility that we have the social matter as well as where it involves the catadores, that generally live in the place together with animal, beyond occurs great fire risk caused I accumulate for it of gases produced or generated for diverse the residues accumulated in the lixes. Sets of ten of people dispute remaining portions that can be used to advantage in the lixes, as form to guarantee the minimum of survival. Men, women, children and animals join it all the types of residues, being displayed the dissemination of illnesses, thus demonstrating the great social problem in have freighted to the front daily shown in the telejornais. .

State Borders

It represents the space of the connections between the agricultural cities, areas, etc. compose that it, being the weight of excellent the activities seated and developed there in its establishment as it scales geographic and of analysis. The regional scale possesss extreme space plasticity, due to complexity of factors and socioeconmicas conditions define that it. The regions are, many times, loaded of distinct temporalities, several of which exert agglutinant function under the partner-cultural point of view. The nation as scales geographic represents a construction politics, the place of the power of the State.

Its borders well are defined and its connections extremely intense and varied, as much as it scales of the regional borders as with the too much scales. It is the scale of the capitalist system par excellence, what in other historical times it did not occur, vide City-State Greeks. Currently, with the advance of the forces of the world-wide market the national state is a vulnerable scale from the necessity of markets ' ' without fronteiras' '. However it is in this scale that if of the o have controlled of other scales as the urban one, the region, the community and the proper body. For this they are gifts. In this scale it has been observed, however a possibility of burst strength of the borders of the national state, phenomenon of extreme wealth, considering itself the unfoldings social politicians and who this movement can try.

The circulation of the capital has taken the construction of the scale of the global borders inside in the way of capitalist production. ' ' The internal dynamics of the different development, structuralized in accordance with specific the social and economic relations of the capitalist society molds the global scale. … of the same one form, the global one is divided not only according to divisions politics of the national states, but also as the development levels – subdesenvolvimento tried and alados by these states in the market mundial' ' (Smith, 2000).