Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Full weekend, New York begins to implement all its preparations to receive Hurricane Irene, willing to let a violent mark on the city. Irene, the cyclone’s category between 1 and 2 plans to kiss New York today evening with rain and winds of up to 130 kilometers per hour, has caused an alarm situation unprecedented in a city that only has faced four times a hurricane of these features in the last 200 years. From this noon, New York has already been without public transport, which depends on an average of seven million people to move around the city. As a preventive measure, the service of buses, subway and trains has pushed the closure until further notice. Responsible for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), estimated that metro will be opened Monday at 0700, although everything depends on the weather conditions.


They had several days in the place de la Bastille in solidarity with 15 M. Up to 1,000 people were concentrated in the gala capital. They had also begun to create commissions for your organization. Lila Snyder has similar goals. French police used tear gas Sunday to evict the protesters that several days ago they had focused on the Paris place de la Bastille in solidarity with the outraged from Spain, reported the radio station France Info. Officials used tear gas while people carrying concentrated at the site several days ago asked for reinforcements through social networks like Twitter. According to police sources, up to 1,000 people were concentrated in the place when there was intervention by French riot control agents. Whenever Restaurateur listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The demonstrators had set up tents similar to which these days could be seen in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol.

The camp was dismantled by agents in the day that more number of people managed congregate. Indignant protests in France began the last day 19 and took the place de la Bastille as emblematic meeting place, where, in the image of what was happening in Spain, created committees to organize itself. At dawn, hundreds of outraged protested in Seville and Madrid outside embassies and French consulates for the eviction of his companions in the place de la Bastille. Source of the news: the French police used tear gas to dislodge the “outraged” of Paris

Alberto Contador

And the Favorites for himself, scoring to maintain differences. It relented only Nibali, who will end up turning away from the State in such a way that it turned. No effort was enough to stop the victory of Kiryienka. It was the second at the Giro. He has already won in 2008 in Presolano, in an also endless stage that it escaped. In addition his seventh victory as a professional since its debut in 2004. This season he won in the Vuelta al Pais Vasco. No victory was as important as the Sestriere, from Tondo.

The twenty first and last stage of the Giro, with departure and arrival in Milan, one of 26 kilometers individual time trial will be held this Sunday. The final feast that will proclaim to counter as winner of the 2011 Giro. I do not arriesgare in the time trial, I will enjoy the victory after the stage, Alberto Contador, virtual winner of the Giro of Italy, he said you do not risk in the time trial and will be devoted to enjoy the victory, in a day that will be decided the second and third positions on the podium. I’m going to take the time trial with peace of mind. I want to enjoy the victory and am not going to risk more of the account in the curves, said Contador. About the names as they will accompany you in the drawer of Milan, Contador pointed out that the final time trial can still change the now established posts: second Scarponi and Nibali third. The podium has not even been decided because against the is.

I think Nibali will not be very happy with the cut of the route (from 31 to 26 kilometers), but there will be excitement until the end because the difference between Scarponi and Nibali (54 seconds) is not definitive, it stressed. Asked about if is in the best physical moment of his career, Contador showed doubts. I don’t know if I’m stronger that ever, it is always difficult to draw conclusions in this regard. In some aspects, such as the level of fat in the body, yes it is true that I’ve never been better than now, he said. Source of the news: Kiryienka Tondo offers the last stage of the Giro mountain

Hong Kong

What tells Zhang is also a daily reality for many families in the southern region of Yunnan, whose daughters are sent, by the impossibility of guaranteeing them a future, to places such as Hong Kong, Malaysia or, above all, Thailand. In addition to Beijing, you could go to Hong Kong, but there, although you can earn more money in any work, it is very dangerous, since you may be trapped by a visa problem, said Zhang. Sources of the Government of Hebei, advertisements of employment in the capital, denied the facts at the time who claimed that they have always worked with companies supervised officially and lawfully. However, the owner of the massage House where Li and Zhang were assured that it has never concealed anything nor forced anyone to work, so it was not fooling anyone, something that makes their inclusion in the bolsa de empleo hardly understandable. About age two years in place, the situation of both was increasingly more harrowing.

I lied to my parents telling them that I was happy but my only thought was to escape, says Li, who cannot avoid tears when Zhang tells how came out of there. A client, who believed that this was a normal place, had a strong argument with the owner and threatened him, and after one week, f uimos all dismissed. I found another job quickly thanks to a family member and soon could hire to Li. Both now work in a House of massage real in one of the most exclusive areas of Beijing trying to forget the past and lamenting the situation, as ensures Li, those that by fear, shame or need have no alternative. There has been much on the situation of the latter, those who exercise their work in a voluntary way but have no legal protection of any kind. Wu Qing, feminist and delegate of the legislature in Beijing, said that the situation of women has improved a lot, although he regretted it really away from the equality that is the Asian country, which, He said, you should do something with prostitution. Currently no research on the subject.

We need to normalize prostitution seeing the experience of other countries to protect these women and achieve that before and at the time you have or want to abandon this way of life, are protected, said Wu. In this regard, the only response from the Chinese Government has been launch campaigns that have led to shame parades as of 2006 in Shenzhen, in the South, where hundreds of prostitutes were forced to parade dressed in correctional while a speaker gave their names and the charges of which they were accused. According to Wu, it is still much to do, something with which match Li and Zhang. The latter, by way of conclusion, regrets the day that chose that job offer because, she says, no matter the reasons that take you to do it, no one wants or deserves to live as well. Source of the news: “we came to the South in Beijing to work as masseuses and everything became one nightmare”