Interior Minister

Figueroa Guzman, archaeologist entitled in the University of Chile, is the son of Carlos Figueroa Serrano, former Interior Minister and former Vice President and partner at ports in the North of Chile, Frei Ruiz Tagle.-as a document delivered by Pangue to the Superintendency of securities and insurance in October 1997, Gonzalo Figueroa was also owner of 348.501 shares of Pangue S.A. Since August 1997, when it denounced the presence of Figueroa in the Alto Biobio, not seen in the area. But in November of that year, at a meeting between the Council national of Conadi and representatives of ENDESA, in order to explain the relocation Plan proposed for the Pehuenche families, was present as one of the ten people from the team of the company. According to a high source, Carlos Figueroa would have refrained from pronouncing on the Ralco issue, since his son was intimately involved in the project. New York Museums gathered all the information. But not much imagination is required to think about the position of Endesa to have had among its ranks to the son of the second man in the Government at the time….THE FAMILY IS BIG.THE INTERESTS OF PEREZ YOMA SUPER MINISTER AND PERHAPS FUTURE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE… Another key member of the Politburo in administration Frei, who has personal interests and close to the Endesa group linkages, is the former Minister of Defense, former Ambassador to Argentina, and current Interior Minister, Edmundo Perez Yoma, a character of considerable political clout and business area where has dabbled with success in the area of construction and high level in different signatures fees. Between 1990 and 1992, Perez Yoma served as Chairman of the Board of a major companies of the holding company Enersis Endesa: Chilectra Metropolitana. In booked documents of the company appears that Perez Yoma would have received 7.292.000 pesos of fees in 1990, first year of the Government of Aylwin, 23.061.000 of dollars in 1991 and 38.720.000 pesos in 1992.