Jungle Camp

Registration Office has disclosed no date of birth In the jungle camp Claudelle Deckert celebrates her 39th birthday tonight and it should be exciting to see what age on the birthday cake stands, she don’t even know what has fabricated all RTL outside of the jungle, with regard to their small age lie. (TNN) It is Saturday night and Claudelle Deckert has approached to the jungle test. Under stress and time pressure to write name, age and occupation on a keyboard and she writes “38” – her true age. dschungelcamp/2013/dschungelcamp-2013/kandidaten-im-luegen-check-28195244.bild.html called the BILD newspaper affiliated “impudent liar”, because she had said earlier that it was only 36 years old. She’s so – for whatever reasons made two years younger. Her real name is not Claudelle, but Claudia also also, as the BILD-Zeitung on request at the registration office wants to know, what so obviously wrong.

-Registration Office has issued no information – on demand at the Dusseldorf population one tells us that the authorities – for easier login information – provide basically no information about the age of the persons concerned. Communicated is only the name and address and no right to the “extended information” would be in the case of the “image” newspaper, which receive only public authorities and institutions, and that even with proof of a relevant interest, “including the jungle camp quite sure not”, according to a spokesman for the city. The BILD-Zeitung lied when she claimed that Claudia born 1974 “according to population”? Has the Bild-Zeitung at the population actually demand and inquires regarding the personal data by Claudia Deckert? Hardly! Much nearer the presumption that RTL or the production company the BILD newspaper has pointed out only that Claudelle is already 38 in truth and the question is why the station does something and why now? -Name and age must have been known to the producers – who wants to take part in the jungle camp, one must first Sign the contract and submit a passport and there the correct age of the Claudia Deckert in there should have been.