Latin American Teacher

yTienes trouble understanding the math? yPor more you study, the results are bad? Relax. may not be your fault. yPorque I say this? If you look at our mathematical model of traditional education to realize that you can operate this way: 1) The teacher arrives. Explain the class. students little or no part in the development of the subject. 2) The teacher arrives.

Apply a test. No checks whether all students have come to understand fully. Result: total slaughter. (Of 50 students only 5 approved). At the end of the slogan becomes: 1) he learned. learned.

2) that reprobate. reprobate. (Bad). This happens a lot especially in the early years of college in professions such as engineering and related fields. Now I ask you think this is your and your teaching? I think not. yEntonces as it should be directed our education? There is a better option: 1) The teacher arrives. simultaneously explains the class and gives the student participation, but not to humiliate but to learn in an active way. (gives participation in the board). 2) The teacher llega.verifica that everyone has understood the subject and applies the test. At the end: all lifelong learning. ySearching can it? Of course. In japan they are doing for a long time with excellent results. (Japanese students are the best and not only in mathematics but in many more areas.) ySearching is implementing this model in some Latin American countries? Yes. Currently they are doing in Chile through a program agreement with Japan, with excellent results in primary school children. (Congratulations to the country of Chile, is well under way). I hope in the near future this model is being implemented in more countries, obviously adapted to the realities of each. for more information visit.