Leningrad Petersburg

Before the beginning of the summer season for many gardeners and farmers of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region raises the question: repair or mend the old greenhouse, or make a gift and buy a new, modern greenhouse or greenhouse? We offer a series of articles with an overview of the major variants of greenhouses and polytunnels in our city. The modern market of St. Petersburg in this segment is quite saturated. Sometimes it can even be slightly confused by the large the number of proposed greenhouse.

First of all, you must determine what is needed: a greenhouse or hothouse. Typically, greenhouses used for growing seedlings, followed by transplanting into the open ground. Sometimes in greenhouses can be made a full cycle of growth in early crops (usually a radish, lettuce, etc.). The main prize in his small greenhouse footprint. Greenhouse can be put on almost any garden. Simplicity of design allows quickly set up a greenhouse, and if necessary remove the deposit.

Of course, depending on the material frame greenhouse, requires some storage space in the economic construction or under a canopy. Ten years ago bulk truckers used greenhouses with wood or wire frame and coated with polyethylene film. In our opinion, except for cheap, these products do not have any privileges. Every spring comes buy new film, repairing dilapidated wooden frame or rusted and rotten carcass of a wire. In addition, such hotbeds not retain heat due to gapping of the film to the frame. As each summer resident wants to gather a great harvest in their area, the greatest demand for use greenhouses. Greenhouse – greenhouse construction, intended for the cultivation of vegetable crops, as well as an early distillation of greenery and flowers. In the greenhouse, the plant is from seed sowing to harvest. In addition, in the greenhouse can be removed several harvests per season. Greenhouse can be done independently, but is it worth wasting time and stuff lumps from his mistakes.

To date, the producers of St. Petersburg, among which holds a strong position Group of Companies “Anta”, make ready the greenhouse, assembling them and deliver Constructor sets that do not require much effort at self-assembly. However, whatever decision you do not accept, when building their own greenhouses or purchase standard greenhouses need to reflect on the important points: material necessary to cover the greenhouse to ensure sufficient light transmission and durability, as well as ease of installation;-how to organize the ventilation system, heating system and water plants in the greenhouse;, as will be distributed inside the area in the greenhouse (a breakdown in the garden or installing shelving). When choosing the size of a greenhouse is necessary to determine how much space in the garden of you are willing to contribute to the greenhouse. Available on the market Ready greenhouses often have dimensions 2×3; 3×4, 3×6 m. Many companies manufacture greenhouses in order to required sizes, but one should bear in mind that any non-standard product is greatly increased in value since requires adjustment of equipment and additional labor. Height greenhouse should provide movement on it in full growth, as well as the normal circulation of air for ventilation. The standard height of most horticultural greenhouses is not less than 2 meters. The following publications, the analysis offered in the St. Petersburg market frameworks of greenhouses and hothouses ready from the manufacturer.