Ministry Of Housing

Within entities that make part of the Government, the Ministry of housing, it can be found which within its action should ensure one of the priorities of the State and its policy, which is housing as a general good, in other words the Housing Ministry will be responsible for express and enforce housing policy. The presence similar to the action of the Ministry of housing originated thanks to the Royal Decree 553 of the 2004 April 17, which create this Ministry gave him the quality of Department responsible for exercising jurisdiction over issues relating to the general administration of the State in what refers to dwellings and the ground; themes present in the article 149.1 of the Spanish Constitution de1978. Thus the Ministry of housing will in his head putting underway proposal and the same implementation of the housing policy that the Spanish Government seeks to develop in what refers to access to adequate housing by the inhabitants of Spain; which can be both from the possibility of the acquisition a House, i.e. the property or from the rental. Similarly the Housing Ministry must try and regulate issues relating to the construction, urbanism, architecture and soil; this with the idea of giving way to access to housing and that resources are used in such a way that they serve the general welfare; In addition to maintaining an adequate image of the urban landscape. For the above the Ministry of housing must be present and intervene in what is the planning and programming of activities and investments that relate to the use of the ground and everything what can be derived from this. In relation to the housing policy and everything what is derived from this, the Housing Ministry maintains active policies, which have the character of integral, i.e. coverage or general application, seeking the greatest benefit for all Spain and does not meet the needs of a few; Thus the Ministry of housing works to promote access to housing for all citizens, within a city or society that is bound by each of its components, thus achieving greater efficiency in economic criteria, both with regard to respect for the environment and the distribution. To achieve the development of housing proposed by the Ministry of housing policy, this Department pays great attention to regarding the environment and the relationship that handles this theme with the management and the development of cities, giving rise to an urban progress appropriate and ordered to keep so sustained and managed the right way by public authoritiesgiving rise to provide greater ease of access conditions for all families and individuals to decent housing.