New Year shows the latest travel trends Christmas is the Festival of the family, but soon it spread all over the world, to be the best, to witness longest, brightest and craziest new year’s Eve party. The intelligent Fluchsuchmaschine 900 travelers worldwide asked, what are their most popular destinations for the new year’s Eve party. The Germans can rejoice: Berlin lands at # 6. The survey results in detail: Top new year’s Eve destinations international 1 Barcelona 2 Edinburgh 3 London 4. Reykjavik of 5.

Paris 6th Berlin 7 Amsterdam 8 Venice 9 Rome 10 Prague International new year’s Eve destinations such as E.g. flights to New York are becoming very popular, the Germans still tend to European cities when it comes to the start in the new year. Are the top ten of new year’s Eve bookings for this year of Top new year destinations (from German airports) 1 London of 2 Paris 3 Berlin 4. Rome 5 Barcelona 6 Stockholm 7 Vienna 8 Milan 9 Istanbul 10 Madrid even if German travel behavior with the wishes of the international certainly overlaps could offer these three cities the German citizens but a welcome change: tradition meets tradition in Venice in the city of pigeons and Gondoliers unique atmosphere: whether on St. Mark’s square, on the Grand Canal Grande or in one of the many taverns. The culinary must-haves include fish and seafood, as a dessert the famous biscotti.

Granita is also lime Parfait of lemon juice, a delicious way to say goodbye to the old year. The most famous traditions is wearing red underwear on new year’s Eve, that is good luck. The Dutch capital is celebrating clubs in Amsterdam with its many cafes and bars especially in the Nieuwmarkt square – the last night of the year, as if it actually is the last. It has the best views of the spectacular fireworks on the bridge between Prinsengracht and Bloemgracht. The small streets and houses make for an unforgettable backdrop. Hogmanay in Edinburgh still unconventional let the Scots at the end of the year: you dance the night away December 31 the Hogmanay, a multi-day winter festival. Torchlight parades and Celtic songs penetrate the streets, brightest and loudest of course in the capital city of Edinburgh. Who is still a great, young man with a bottle of whiskey, raisin bread and coal at the door and asks in, which brings the next year on every happiness. About Skyscanner Skyscanner was founded in 2001 in Scotland by the three computer scientists, Gareth Williams, Barry Smith and Bonamy Grimes. The avid skiers of Gareth Williams had tried in vain to find cheap flights for his ski vacation, then designed a sophisticated flight comparison chart and was born the idea to Skyscanner. The flight is one of the brightest in Europe and offers the direct online price comparison for flights more than 670,000 at over 600 airlines.