Consider the main types of heating appliances used in Russia. Aluminum radiators. Made of material with high thermal conductivity, but also places high demands on chemical composition of the coolant. Excellent design execution of most radiators ports must be installed on each device automatic valve for venting, as during operation there is an active hydrogen evolution. Currently, the market offers a large selection of aluminum radiators as a working pressure up to 6 atm. And a working pressure of 10-30 atm.

That suggests the possibility of their use in urban development. It should be noted particularly the group of aluminum, extruded heat sinks, cheaper, lighter and more vulnerable to adverse conditions steel panel radiators. This high-performance thermal units calculated in most cases, a working pressure of 8.7 atm., crimp 13 atm. They are recommended for use in individual, low-rise building, while in the presence of individual substation – in buildings of any height. And do not try to feel when working on a system with multiple high pressure values, especially where there is a possibility of water hammer (high-rise urban buildings with central heating system). Their life in this can be reduced to one year and even up to several months. In the Russian market of steel panel radiators most widely used brands Bimetallic sectional radiators successfully combine the best properties of aluminum sectional and tubular steel radiators: strength (withstanding pressure up to 40-50 atmospheres), durability (service life – up to 20 years) and high level of heat in combination with modern design. Official site: NYC Marathon.

Wrought Iron

Yes, it is universal! You do not have to go round shops, browse directories, you should just tell the blacksmith, what exactly do you want to approve the sketches and later get a unique, a unique thing. Wrought Iron gives the interior a sophisticated, elegant appearance, it should be noted that the art forging looks great in all forms and styles. Metal fits as in the classic interiors, and in mod and design solutions in high-tech style. And always the art forging – is evidence of refined taste of its vladeltsa.Kovanaya furniture of metal, you can create any object interior, while it will be functional and elegant. Chairs, benches, tables, beds, sofas – the list is endless. Wrought iron furniture can combine metal and stone, metal and mosaic, with wrought-iron furniture park and garden – a great opportunity not only to decorate the space, but forget about the worries for her sohrannost.Kovanye fireplaces (grid for fireplaces) Lattices for fireplaces combine the practical, utilitarian and at the same while aesthetic function: they should look elegant and refined. Wrought iron fireplaces that are used in suburban homes, are a kind of connecting the center of the house.

Nice to sit near the fire, admiring the flames. Lattice for fireplaces create an atmosphere of tranquility and peace. Artistic blacksmiths know how to frame the fire, combining metal and flame, making them loyal soyuznikami.Kovanye chandeliers, lamps, Wrought Iron lamps and chandeliers are in the same style decision with the interior, in which there are forged. In any case, forged fixtures – it is a good solution for the home, the sweet heart of exquisite things that adorn the house, make it individual and nepovtorimym.Kovanye lattice Forged bars on the windows, wrought iron fence – and it's aesthetic look of your home, and, of course, a utilitarian function that they carry. House, fenced wrought fence can be considered an impregnable fortress, and forged bars on the windows would be a great addition to the general surroundings. Metal Art in the house – a symbol of stability and refined taste of the owner, a sign of thoroughness. This opportunity to make your home an individual, to give it special features. Metal – a special power, special power, and forged from it – it's an opportunity to feel, touch her, to charge a positive attitude, feel confident and relaxed.