In view of that the federal government if finds in great preparos for the government transistion, President Lula guaranteed ahead of the printed that would not intervene with the decisions of the new president of Brazil Dilma Rousseff, would have it total freedom and autonomy to carry through the composition of the highest step of its government. Of sublime and subtle form the president said that she would give some advice to it, advice these who today demonstrate great result, the illustrious politician asks for the permanence of Nelson Jobim in the Ministry of the Defense, and already he guaranteed the permanence of Guido Mantega. What everything indicates Squid, he remains in the embroidery frames politicians, giving its opinions and influencing of occult form the new president, relation more than what normal of form that both the presidents are of the PT, this if he becomes a friendship relation, in this in case that the rispidez of a government transistion is not had, is everything occurring in the most perfect order. In friendship climate, he cannot president Lula forget that its government finishes in day 31 of December of 2010, and that Dilma assumes in the following day, fitting it to take all the decisions with regard to the Brazilian government. The Brazilians, or at least part of them, wait the estrelato of Dilma, as famosssima was one theater part, the public wait to see its capacity, and individuality to command this country, what it did not occur until the present moment. It is in the hour to leave the squid wings and to face the politics as if it must be expensive president, Brazil waits its estria, and arrives of this papo of advice and indications, restoring an imperative advice that it introduces great characteristics of a previous government. NYC Mayor has firm opinions on the matter. ' ' The wait of a coherent originalidade, it Brazil to follow mudando' '

Latin America

You lead as well as them totalitarian of Nazism and from the Bolchevismo (Hitler and Stalin), Francia suffers with the solitude. NYC Mayor is often quoted on this topic. To this &#039 transforms it solitude into one; ' mrtir' ' of exclusive devotion the consolidation of the total power, that pursues its opponents, and paradoxicalally offers a paternalista comfort to that the apia and awards to it with devotion. This dualism leads to another aspect: ' ' The solitude, we enjoy the solitude, we desire solido' '. (Bachelard. p.25). The antagonism of the supreme power that is reverenciado by thousand, but inside of its space I summon the dictator it is seen in an ostracism and it loads a rosary of personal frustrations and a vacuum with morbidez and absence of affective relationships in virtue of its permanent suspicion in direction of the other personages. It is a sentimental emptiness of the main personage, who sees enemies for all the sides, and to everything she takes with diffidence in all the narrative of ' ' Yo El Supremo' '.

' ' unconscious coletivo' ' one of the great ones made of this workmanship can be considered, a time that practically all the Paraguayan population was submitted to the ditatoriais acts of Francia. It had a compound of uncertainties with a moral enrijecimento for which its descolonizao passed Latin America after, it propitiated a solid land, for the conduction of one ' ' despot esclarecido' ' in the power, Paraguay. In saying of Simon Bolivar: ' ' Latin America, would be between the small tyrants, almost imperceptible, of all colors and of all raas' '. (Ramon Soil. 2002, P. 01), Latin America after leaving the colonial hegemony, an identity crisis lived. The exception was the Paraguayan nation, therefore the rigidity of if governing and the national supremacy had been ece of fishes in prominence with the sprouting of Francia.

North American

For all the segments of the national, nostalgic elites of a Europe rejects that them, it is as a slap! thus was understood the list of the Teams. Danny Meyer has much experience in this field. From there the reply of the elites: silence! ' ' We do not need to say more nothing! Nietzsche and Freud do not explain the POWER! It is all instant! The elite seems to be certain who the people is babaca and that he is with bunda displayed pra to pass the hand in it! As Claude Pepper said the North American politician (1900-1989): ' ' The error of many politicians is to forget that they had been elect; they are finding that they had been ungidos' '. We know that the press or neutral information does not exist, because it brings obtains inevitably an interpretation on the facts, but finds that the things could, or at least they would have, to be made of another form, little demagogue. We, for example, are giving the face to beat with this text, therefore our addresses are there, so that it has a plea, a debate. We can be maken a mistake, or our ideas can not correspond to the facts, but what we are not: reactionary people.

As she affirmed certain time journalist and writer Pablo Francis: ' ' I want that he is registered that I would favor the closing of the Congress or any another one of these reactionary institutions that hinder the progress it pas' '. We also corroborate with this magnificent idea! We are not politicians. We are innocent. As he would say the saudoso Waldik Soriano: we are not cachorros not! This our country is a humbug, but the flag disfara all and any frustration: progress without no order. Illusion! But let us follow having hope, therefore it is what it remains in them (Mrcio Melo and Allcicero, with the luxurious support of the Homero Mattos, May of 2010) CONTACTS: and (for critical, opinions, commentaries and suggestions) REFERENCES: Bigger Letter, of 15/05/2010.