Uwe Tim

In the North prefer to call them snacks of rabas. You must add a squeeze of lemon and eat them right away, while the calamari are crispy. Amazing restaurateur will not settle for partial explanations. They are usually cut into rings of a centimeter thick. If you leave cool the bread ends up being a piece of gum. Madrid is the city with the largest fish after Tokyo market, why should not be surprised that the specialty of the capital in full plateau are the calamari. Currywurst: Hamburg and Berlin are fighting for the title of having invented the most popular street stalls sausage: the currywurst or sausage dipped in curry sauce. It consists of a cooked sausage (traditional) and cut into slices to better absorb a sauce made from ketchup and curry powder.

The author Uwe Tim wrote a novel, the discovery of the Currywurst that situates the finding in Hamburg. It is possible that the second most important port of Europe – was invented in the Hanseatic City, however the German capital holds the Imbiss or oldest currywurst kiosk. Konnopke s is called, has existed since 1930 and is out of the mouth of Schonhauser Alle meter. Kroket: The Dutch are specialists in croquettes. Your kroket is a relative of the crispy French croquer of flour and potatoes.

Unlike the Spanish of bechamel sauce with Ham, or those of Portugal with cod and pan, the kroket usually carry beef. They became very popular after the second world war. Then the Dutch began to prepare all kinds of krokets with leftovers from the meal. When they are small and round are called bitterball and accompany them mustard. Like the Spaniards, the Dutch are true fans of the batter and bread crumbs. Their fried fish is called Kibbeling. Vending machines as the Febo chain offer calories 24 hours a day. For example, Frikandel or Patatje Oorlog, battle chips pringadas in various sauces at the same time. They are so allocated in the Netherlands which can be ordered from Arabic or olives food home to three or four in the morning. Fast food appetite never sleeps. Original author and source of the article.

New York City Team

Sports in its many forms are very pleasurable activities, because with them you spend very pleasant moments, which in addition are excellent means to exercise the body, also sports brought to professional levels are perfect media entertainment, so much so that freeze thousands sports seeking to spend a pleasant moment enjoying the passion of sports fans in the stadiums. Among the many sports that there are in the world, there is one that is of great pleasure to many people in many parts of the planet and is baseball, a sport that is mostly practiced professionally in United States, where it is one of the sports logos, in which various teams that comprise the League vying intense vibrant partiesmaking thousands of people come to enjoy all the emotions of a party. One of the most important teams in the United States of America Baseball League, is the team of the New York Yankees, which has recognition worldwide, because it has always be one of the best of this feast, as well as one of the most winning, because it has always had the best players in the history of this practice. The New York Yankees, as one of the best teams in the big leagues of baseball, according to his name, is a team that is based in New York City and belongs to the League, which is determined by its location. The New York Yankees, are often also called the Bronx bombers which is given based on place of origin, in addition also refers to the big hitters that he has had in its ranks. New York Yankees team, represents one of 8 American League Baseball franchises, in his early genre in Baltimore Meryland in 1901 year, therefore at that time he had another name, which was the Baltimore Orioles, who more forward moved to Manhattan, that took place in the year 1903. For a long time the team call the mountaineers of New York, this is due to the location of the stadium in which they played; It would not be until the year of 1913 in the which would have the name of the New York Yankees. In the year of 1923, the team moved to the other side of the River, in Bronx. The history of the New York Yankees has been the most winning of all the stories in the big leagues, since the various participations in this Championship, participated in 39 times in the world series, which has won 26 times, with 39 American League pennants; locating them as professional team most winner of North America in as to title WINS, because only follows them team of hokey Canadians of Montreal, which boast 24 titles in this another typical American sports.