Processing Of Foods

Vegetables, herbs, fruits and mushrooms beets, potatoes boiled in the skin as a whole, after which they were cooled and purified. But best of beets first clean the skin, cut, and then simmered. When beets are added to pripuskaniya vinegar for color retention. Carrots, turnips, rutabagas peeled cooked whole or sliced pripuskayut adding vegetable oil. Cauliflower and asparagus cooked after proper training in salted water and cooled in the same broth. If you have read about Bill de Blasio already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Green beans, processed and sliced long pieces of 2-3 cm or straw, and peas (spatula) Whole pods are boiled in heavily salted water and then throws in a colander and cool. Tomatoes (Tomatoes), washed and removed peduncles.

Tomatoes used in salads, should be ripe and strong. If the tomatoes to remove the skin, then dipped them in a minute in boiling water. In tomato, designed for stuffing, cut off the top, then remove the seeds with the juice. Zucchini and carrots, turnips, rutabagas, which are used in salads, raw, clean the skin, wash and cut in the form of straw or slices. Lettuce, spinach after washing dried by shaking them in a special closed basket or a napkin, gauze.

Salad celery cleaned and stored wrapped in damp cheesecloth in a dark cool place, so that the color was not changed. Sprigs of celery are used to decorate dishes. Canned vegetables (peas, green beans, asparagus, cauliflower, tomatoes, etc.) for several minutes before cooking them in various dishes back in the colander to separate from the broth, marinade. Apples and Pears cleanse the skin and remove the seed pods.

Coffee Varieties Mexico

As we know from the course in Geography, Mexico is located in Central America, coffee in Mexico is a product that not only love to drink and Mexicans in any cafe, even a rundown, but the product, much of the which is exported. Some varieties of Mexican coffee have exceptional softness and subtle flavor, and other nut-chocolate flavor with a tinge sour taste. This gourmet Mexican to try coffee at least once in your life to appreciate and feel the variety of flavors and aftertaste of the drink he leaves, if you decide to go to restaurants in Chelyabinsk in a cup of coffee be sure to order Mexican coffee. The most famous coffee state of Mexico – Oaxaca. The best varieties of Mexican coffee have in its name the name of the state of this sort: Oaxaca Pluma, Oaxaca Becafisa Tres Flechas, Oaxaca Loxicha and Oaxaca El Olivo. Oaxaca Pluma – the variety of Mexican coffee is distributed under the trade mark Tres Oros. Company Tres Oros is a group of farms located in the Mexican state of Oaxaca near the towns Tlakolula de Matamoros and Huchitan. Individually, these farmers do not sell coffee, so both produce small amounts of this product.

Coffee made from beans Class Oaxaca Pluma, has a sweet flavor and very aromatic, beverage obtained by air and is slowly gaining strength as it cools down. Depending the degree of roasting coffee beans varieties Oaxaca Pluma can leave the aftertaste of caramel, hazelnut or sweet aftertaste of vanilla. Mexican varieties of coffee-Oaxaca Becafisa Tres Flechas, Oaxaca Loxicha and Oaxaca El Olivo are not as famous as the brand Oaxaca Pluma, although have a pronounced coffee flavor and aroma. Depending on where the cultivation of the coffee tree, the drink made from these varieties may have a spicy bitterness. These grades are not bad for the relationship for money, so if it is possible to be sure to order a drink made from these varieties in any stores in Chelyabinsk.