Italy Capital

Moscow is shrouded by smoke from incinerators recently around the world there is a tendency to reduce the amount of household and industrial waste. The garbage crisis in Italy has once again made clear how urgent the problem for humanity. Thinking about it in Russia. By 2012, the authorities of the Russian capital plan to halve the amount of waste in Moscow to be landfill. For example, planned to reduce the disposal of municipal waste in landfills of non-residential sector from 81% to 20-38% of solid waste and bulky waste from 80% to 27-37%, and the waste of health facilities from 99 to 8-12%.

In addition, the Russian capital in the near future will be one of the world’s centers of incineration, as soon in Moscow will have six incinerators in addition to the already existing four. And it threatens the capital of the deterioration of the environment, so as incinerators every day into the atmosphere will be disposed of 60 million cubic meters gas from the combustion of solid waste. The flue gases of waste incineration plants, even under current emissions standards, rich in harmful substances – heavy metals, dioxins and furans, sulfur oxides and nitrogen, which is very negative impact on the health of citizens and guests of the capital. In Russia, marked the International Day for pups on March 15 in Russia, as in Most countries in the world marked the International Day for pups. In many countries in that day there were demonstrations and pickets against the killing of pups – pups. And, as a rule, look demonstrators had been sent to Russia – the only country in the world, where not prohibited by such a mass murder and inhumane seal pups. Because of its beautiful white fur tens of thousands of pups are killed on the White Sea coast in the Arkhangelsk region.

It is in this region of Russia is a massive and bloody trade. Killing pups is very cruel: pups beaten to death with iron clubs. previously reported on took place in late February and early March, stocks and pickets in protect pups. Last week, the Karelian Humane Society held in Petrozavodsk Decade in support of pups. But, unfortunately, numerous and regularly held shares and the pickets did not solve the problem fundamentally pups way. This problem should be solved at the highest level. But last week the State Duma postponed the discussion on the slaughter hunting pups. In the meantime, environmentalists and activists to protect animals continue to collect signatures in defense of pups. Since March 12, Deputy Rosprirodnadzor Oleg Mitvol received a collective appeal to ban people catch young harp seals (pups), under which their signatures to put more than 335,000 Russians.

Orchids – The Most Erotic Flowers

New research scientists have found that the orchids use sexual trickery to lure insect pollinators. This contributes to more efficient pollination of flowers. Most flowering plants are rewarded insect pollinators delicious nectar for their work, and some species of orchids, followed the path of deception. If you would like to know more then you should visit Danny Meyer. They use so-called "food-deception." These plants produce flowers that look and smell very tempting, but it not really able to bestow upon insects edible reward. Other orchids use a form of "sexual deception." They produce flowers that look and smell like female insects, usually bees or wasps. Males are attracted to sexual flowers and trying to mate with them. In doing so they inevitably collect pollen on their body, which is transferred to the next plant visited an orchid.

From the perspective of evolutionary processes, sexual strategies this case has a strange expression. Orchids, which offer a simulation of nutrient nectar can attract a large number of pollinators – bees, wasps, flies, ants and so on. But sexual enticement strategy may to attract males of only one species – flower, similar to the female wasps to attract only the male wasps, but do not attract other insects. Thus, these orchids restrict their ability to pollination. However, despite the apparent lack of sexual deception strategy, this strategy has allowed to develop a wide variety of orchids.

Hence, there is still some selective advantage in this strategy, and research is confirm. Scientists have measured the amount of pollen produced by orchids, comparing it to the amount of pollen produced by other colors. It was found that the orchids, using tactics of "sexual deception" effective deliver the pollen to other flowers, the flowers with many species of pollinators. In other words, these pollinators deliver pollen on a more precise address. Flowers same with a few pollinators are losing part of pollen transfer by insects a result of her fall to the ground, either by delivering the wrong type of pollen a plant. Thus, it appears that the strategy of using one type of pollinator is more effective at expense of smaller losses transportation of pollen from plant to plant. Thus, the strategy of imitation flowers orchid sex gives the best results!