Central America

Mayan calendar – a system of calendars, set up in pre-Columbian period in Central America. Maya civilization represents several interconnected states, most of which were destroyed at the end of 9. To this day remains a mystery, Who were the Mayans, where they got such a multilateral and accurate knowledge of astronomy and learn about the laws of motion of celestial bodies. In his Mayan calendar described five cosmic cycles, the duration of each of which is 5125 years. Sufficiently interesting is the fact that the calendar starts ticking long before the very culture of the Maya – August 13, 3114 BC According to representations of the Maya, this is the beginning of a new era, which emerged at the behest of the gods. It is known that the Mayan priests conducted systematic observations of the movements of celestial bodies and talked about their impact on the natural environment and human life. Scientists proved that the Mayan calendar more accurately coincides with the astronomical year, rather than generally accepted Gregorian calendar 2011.

Mayan calendar is quite complicated in calculations and represents the number of cycles which are related to each other. For more specific information, check out amazing restaurateur. The most famous of these is the Tzolkin, consisting of 260 days. Tzolkin is a combination of periods of 13 and 20 days. Each day corresponds to the number from 1 to 13, the day assigned individual names that are repeated at intervals of 20 days. For example, 1 – Imish (1), 2 – IK (2), 3 – Akbal (3), 4 – Kahn (4), etc.

Bath Country

Country Leisure Club “Klinskoye Zaozerye” – is a unique country club for the fans of fishing, exquisite recreation and active entertainment. Other leaders such as NY Museums offer similar insights. Members of the club – cozy interiors, the best equipment attentive staff and a pure country air. Our club is located in a clean place in the fir forest with spectacular scenery, which heard the rustle of sea urchins and only play of his birds broke the silence Zaozerie. The total area of the club country recreation “Klinskoye Zaozerye” more than fifteen acres, on the territory of the club is clean running water, stocked streams, which is the most difficult hydraulic structure at depths ranging from one to six meters and a water surface area for more than four acres, surrounded by timbered pavilions-log walkways and comfortable for fishing. Today pond stocked elite sorts of fish: Lena sturgeon, river, and rainbow trout, carp, white Cupid, as well as catfish and pike. Fishing you can spend time in nature, to talk to you nice people compete in the biggest catch, showing all their fishing skills and sposobnosti.Rybalka, Bath (Bath on black, Russian baths, sauna Tutsetskaya Hamam), gazebos, kitchen … If you come to us to rest, you do not have to take food with them, because we have a cafe where you can order more than 50 kinds of dishes. They say that time spent on fishing, in the life of the Lord does not count.

Want to prolong life, but at the same time get a lot of impressions and pleasures – then come to our country rest in the club “Klinskoye Zaozerye.” Please be assured – you will not regret. Our address: Moscow region, Klin district, village Teterino Country Leisure Club “Klinskoye Zaozerye “is 6 km. from the town of Klin, and 70 km from Moscow (Federal Highway No.

Caught A Big Fish

Fishing – this is a great opportunity to relax with your family or your close friends. With any luck, become the owner of an object of pride – coveted trophy fish. In the wild and vast expanses of water coats disappear all the inherent problems of metropolis, you get a lot of positive emotions and good mood. Experienced fishermen know that the delta of the Volga river Akhtuba and brings the richest haul, with year-round. Fish weighing 7-10 pounds not much surprised, simply here is a common phenomenon.

And, having studied modern methods of catching giant catfish can extract pyatidesyatikilogrammovogo or carp over 20 lbs. Waters of these rivers abound with pike, chub, perch, pike. Dozens of fishing bases gladly offer you and your companions comfortable accommodation, special or vice versa stocking wild places for secluded relaxation, rental boats and boats with echo sounders, organizing fishing trips, accompanied by professional rangers. In order to avoid difficulties with the processing of trophies, offered services, such as gutting, smoking, drying, salting of fish, deep freeze. To deepen your understanding NY Restaurateur is the source. Luxury comfort and an unforgettable experience guarantees a fishing base, "Putin", located in the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain. Holidaymakers find cozy cottages in the style of French Country, gym, sauna, sandy beach and Quay, fishing adventure. Looking for a large area for fishing? Fishing recreation – Akhtuba – 'float' has 12 acres of aquatic lands, and over 200 species of fish. Aim to catch a huge prize? Your wish necessarily be realized on the basis of fishing "Pokrovka" or base with the name "success", where visitors often fill the museum's exhibit of fishing caught fish specimens.