Consumer Capitalism

Thinkers 'Frankfurt School' came to the conclusion that the rapid development of mass culture explains the essence of consumer capitalism. Producers of 'cultural goods' (eg, movies and books), which Adorno and his followers called the 'culture industry', interested only in increasing sales and therefore 'adjust' the society to fit their interests. In the end, and there is the hegemony of certain samples of culture. Moreover, these samples are generally of poor quality – the fact that mass production is not interested in single expensive high quality goods, it requires a lot of cheap goods that are available to most consumers. In his turn, the working class suffers from the spread of mass culture – its horizons narrowed. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Danny Meyer. In fact, pop culture has become a way of control over thoughts and feelings of the masses.

Another explanation suggests 'Aristocratic theory' (its author is Alan Svingvud (Alan Swingewood)). This theory states that the reason for the boom of pop culture has been the weakening of traditional social institutions such as religion and family. That is, modern Society has lost a certain hierarchy of power, which was responsible – voluntarily or involuntarily – for the formation of certain cultural tastes. In the 20 century were replaced by the media, which became the – often other personal property (to example, by advertising certain books, exhibitions or films) – to form the cultural tastes of the society. In the history of humankind ever existed so-called 'high' and 'low' culture – first flourished among the educated elites, the second – respectively, among the uneducated or even illiterate common folk. .


Media and communications, all without exception, smitten with love for astrology. Day passes, not to read, hear or see the next popular horoscope for the day, week, month … How about that? Trust astrologers, in spite of several failures of their broadcasts of forecasts? Or accept all no more than a salon entertainment? However, as something fun to live when you know that the reason for failure is not in thee, they say that done, so the stars are located, I mean the planet. Although they are responsible for everything! Skeptics in something right: the prophecies of the astrologers about the impending social and economic turmoil are vague and often resemble editorial political weekly. Another thing – paint over the years and centuries, like Nostradamus … But even if Nostradamus and time is right, for a mere popular astrological forecasts, we will be unable to complete say for sure what exactly is astrology – a science or fun, in the worst case – quackery? Private accurate 'hit' in our eyes as it exonerated numerous blunders, and unusual thirst makes listening and listen to the daily horoscopes and advice. Another thing, when such information comes after the astrological weather forecast.

Then the attitude towards it is the same: whether rain, or snow, or will be, or not. On the background of domestic turmoil natural, political, technological disasters, all these stellar fun is perceived by many as a kind of dessert in the absence of the first and second courses. However, astrologers themselves have repeatedly warned and continue to warn us: the stars do not prescribe, but caution and heed the warning – is within our power. And do not forget that the popular magazine, newspaper horoscopes – are not real, serious astrology.